Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wyatts 3rd Birthday!

Our Wyatt boy has turned the big three. This is the age that all of our kids seem to believe they are big stuff and want to be independent. Wyatt likes to dress himself all the way to putting on his shoes and socks. He is quite particular about what he wears and loves to match his daddy. Wyatt continues to hold true to his nature and is a big tease. He likes to poke until he has gotten the reaction he wants. Sometimes it is fun/funny and other times it is not! He has the third child syndrome and is always trying to get attention in ways that he shouldn't. He gives the best pucker kisses. Although he can be rough at times, other times he is my sweet charmer. I love the sprinkle of freckles across his cue little button nose. I love his big eyes when he stares into mine. I love his creamy white skin that is still as soft as when he was a newborn baby. Wyatt loves everything boy. He likes to play fight/wrestle with everyone who is willing and sometimes the not so willing. He loves trucks, motorcycles, and cars. He loves ninja turtles and does the cutest dance to the theme song. He also is pretty good to go along with Baileys imagination and play dolls, dress up, and house with her. Just this morning he was burping his Elmo next to me while I was burping Sophia. He has such a soft heart and is my little Wy guy. His uncles and some of his cousins like to call him wee man. He is learning to really recognize the alphabet and some of his numbers. He likes to "read" books to himself and will rarely hold still long enough for me to read him one. He likes to play football and doing anything his big brother Bentley is doing. He likes to ride bikes and play at the park with cousins or friends. He wears big boy undies now and officially got potty trained 3 days before his 3rd birthday. He likes not having to wear diapers now and although potty training was rough, I am glad we both stuck with it. Happy birthday Wyatt. Your family loves you and adores you. Your smile brightens every room and we are lucky to have you in our family. For your birthday we went to the Ostrich festival, ate at a favorite pizza place where we sang happy birthday to you. Since your birthday was on a sunday we went to church and they sang happy birthday to you in your nursery class. Then after we went home and had your favorite lunch of quesadillas and opened presents. You asked for ninja turtles go figure and a green motorcycle. You also wanted new fast running shoes that were blue. Later that day we went to grandma and grandpa Curtis' to celebrate there with cousins and had ninja turtle cupcakes. You were happy as can be and really enjoyed your special day!

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