Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bentley turns 6!

Bentley turned six this year! It is hard letting him grow up but boy is he becoming more and more handsome, smart, and athletic. It is fun hearing about all that he is learning at school and seeing the rewards of his hard work. He is at a third grade reading level, and is doing well with math. He is a kind friend and includes everyone. He struggles when others don't follow the rules because he is so obedient and doesn't understand why people break rules. It is kinds of cute but hard to explain to him why others make different choices. He is really challenging sometimes because I don't always have an answer to his questions anymore like when he was a little boy! He is a great older brother and takes good care of his siblings. He always makes my day when he tells me he loves me and that I am beautiful. It melts my mother heart! He has a great ability for doing what is right and understanding the consequences when he makes a wrong choice. He knows and loves his heavenly father and gives the most thoughtful prayers. He loves playing football with his friends or cousins. He loves playing the wii and can beat Jon and I now at some of the games. He loves to color and paint still. He is also starting to draw really well and express himself through writing. He loves to read chapter books. His favorite food is pizza. His favorite color is blue. His favorite show on TV is Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers. His favorite game at recess is Zombie tag; its a game he and his friends came up with. This year Bentley invited his family and friends to a fun birthday party. The invitations had minions on them which made him giddy! We had everyone over for pizza, a mario brothers cake and minion cupcakes, then we opened presents. Bentley got a variety of fun new things and will enjoy using them all. After that we headed on over to Krazy air. It is a fun indoor trampoline, foam pit, and parkour park. The kids wore themselves out playing on all the equipment and having a dodge ball game. Bentley had such a great time and enjoyed his birthday thoroughly! The funny thing is the next day I got texts from several moms saying that Bentley, while at school, had invited their child over to play with his new birthday toys.! I had to kindly tell them that we would have to plan another day. Silly boy thinks he can have all those friends over everyday now. We sure love our Bentley boy and think he is wonderful in every way!

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