Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Weekend getaway and lazy summer days!

We have been wrapping up the summer by swimming, playing with friends and cousins, eating ice cream and sonic slushees, playing at the splash pads, school shopping for Bentley, and watching lots of movies! We even took a quick weekend trip to visit chad and Jessica up in Pinetop, AZ. They are always such great hosts and we just love soaking up the nice weather. This time of year there is a rain storm and thunder that rolls in every afternoon. We all loved the company, great food, go carts, and feeding the ducks. Bailey is so cute and will make duck sounds when she sees them. Bentley is three and a half. He is learning more each day and although he is reserved at first, once he's tried something he picks it up quickly. We have been watching the Olympics and he loves to watch all competitors. He tries to do Olympic dives when he jumps off the diving board now:) He will start school August 9 and even though I am happy for him to learn new things, I am also terrified for him to learn new things. Bailey continues to demand attention with her sassy attitude. She is learning to say new words and talks clearer every day(please, thank you, up, down, shoes, love you, mom, dad, book, ect.) Her hair is getting so long and we can even put it in a pony tail or pig tails. She loves to tease her brother and play whatever he is playing. It is so cute because they will play hide and go seek, tag, and jump on the beds together. They also like to watch Mickey mouse clubhouse, build blocks, read books, and play with various toys. Its cute to already see the nurturing Side of bailey. Bentley is a huge help, but bailey loves to watch me dress, feed, and change Wyatt. She has a doll that she carries around and mothers. Wyatt is so much fun and his smile and laughing brightens my day! He tried rice cereal for the first time and he did great. He is growing so fast. He loves to stand on my lap and play patty cake or make faces back and forth with me. He is a tender, sweet angel and a joy to be around. He is teething so his drooling is out of hand and he chews in his fist or anything he can get his gums on:) Jon has been busy with the summer season at work with his business Green Home Pest Control. I'm so proud of him! I am feeling much better health wise and my energy is almost back. Wyatt doesn't quite sleep through the night so once he does it will feel nice. Here are some pictures of our activities.
Playing in the playhouse. Bailey always trying to keep up with the big kids!
Julz playing with the trucks. She and bailey would push each other around on the little cars.
Jessica and Belle making a delicious chocolate chip/vanilla cake!
Bailey getting hydrated after a long day of playing.
Bentley being a good big brother and pushing bailey
Chad and Wyatt watching the olympics and football.
Belle tasting the goods
Whose that cute little cub crawling in the bushes... oh Julz you are too cute.
These two are just the best of friends and played from sun up until sun down so well together. They played in the playhouse, tree fort, on the slide, swings, hammock, the played make believe with belle in the spacious forest of a back yard chad and Jess have. They played in the sprinklers, the rain, the played basketball, they watched movies, they colored, played trains and cars, you name it, they played it:)
Wyatt loved looking at all the beautiful scenery
Bailey loves the great outdoors and was in heaven
All five older kids in the bath. Nothing funner than cousin bath playtime
Bailey followed Steve the Cat everywhere and got mad when he would get away!
Bailey loving being pushed in the swing by Bentley
Wyatt and Daddy loving the nice afternoon rainstorm in the mountains
Our little family enjoying the mountain air
Bailey feeding the ducks with daddy
The kiddos "babysitting" Wyatt while I get some cleaning done. Bailey is a character!
Bentley and Bailey playing in the dress ups and showing me there dance moves!

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Elder Heyman's Media Rep said...

Bentley looks so old! He is so cute and you look great!