Monday, July 09, 2012

Fourth of July Fun!

For our fourth of July we were blessed to have the most beautiful weather. The days leading up to it were soooo hot and the actual day was overcast and 70 degrees. We decided to take advantage and go take the kids to the park. We went to get Arby's and sandwiches so that we could have a picnic. Right after we got done eating the kids ran off to play and ten minutes later it started raining. Go figure... but we still let them play for a bit and then took them home for naps. After naps we went to a family BBQ at my parents. We got dressed in our Red, White, and Blue and headed over! We had so much fun! Amber brought a snow cone maker and homemade ice cream, I brought fruit pizza, my parents did the BBQ, Grandma brought her yummy potato salad and eggs, and my mom made her homemade ice cream. The food was delish to say the least. We had relay races where we tied our legs together, used spoons while trying to balance an egg on them, and had an egg toss! My mom is always so much fun with the grandkids. She is the best Grandma there is and always makes each kid feel so welcome and special. Our kids jumped in the pool and had fun swimming with dad and their cousins. It was so fun celebrating this special day. We are so grateful for the freedoms we enjoy and for the men and women who have sacrificed so much for us. We loved spending time with family and the kids had a blast!
Bentley excited to go to the park. He looks like a little butter ball here:)
Our little family picnic at the park
Wyatt was loving the weather and visiting
Bentley loves trying to climb the slides and all the big kid equipment
Bailey likes to follow bentley and can climb most things kids her age can't. She is a wild child:)
Wyatt loving sitting with daddy
Our family on the fourth.
Bailey being a cheese ball
Wyatt was not happy!
Cousin Trey. Kyle and Kelsey's baby
Mom,Amber,and Kelsey enjoying the snow cones
Kyle with Collin and baby Trey
Sweet Wyatt
Mom and Rex getting ready for the relay race:)
Bailey loves swimming!
Bentley had really started loving the water this summer!
Here he is showing me how hard he can kick. Good job buddy!
Jon enjoying doing flips of the diving board
Jon and his baby girl having a blast!
Kyle being trying his best at balancing the egg on your spoon relay:)
Colby racing on the bikes
Bailey racing as well
Dad and Michael making and enjoying some great burgers!
Jon eating the delicious watermelon
Grandma and Grandpa Curtis
Everyone having fun in the relay race! sorry Miguel, we caught you cheating:)
Half the group
Heidi, Colton , and Bentley
The other half of the group
Michael and Ambers boys having a relay race in the pool
Collin relaxing and enjoying the bbq
The yummy fruit pizza I made
Bentley loved the sparklers
He was having so much fun and then on the last one he grabbed the hot part after the light went out. Poor boy went to bed sad after all that fun:( but he was fine the next morning.

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