Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Collins ninth birthday!

We had a blast attending Collins 9th Birthday party! We have lots of birthdays to celebrate in August including Grandpa West, Brody, Collin, Jessica, and many of our close friends. Collin had us over to swim, eat pizza and cupcakes, play water balloon and sponge games, open gifts, and visit. Here are some pictures of the party... Swim Fun!
J, Bentley, and Bailey enjoying the slide
Bailey loved sliding down into her daddy's arms.
Collin and his best friend Matthew from school.
Eating yummy pizza.
J and Belle acting as the targets for the sponge and balloon toss!
Bentley enjoying the party and his pizza for dinner.
The two cute baby cousins Trey, and Wyatt. They are only one month apart.
Opening gifts. I always love how the little kids crowd around the birthday person.
Collin got some sweet shades and money:)
Collin got so many great presents lucky kid!
Bailey and her cousin Julz.
Collin showing off the guns. This kid is hilarious!
Tried to get a group photo but this is who made it in.
Heidi having fun acting as a target for the kids!
Some more of the action!
Singing happy birthday
Blowing out the candle


rita Centuri said...

Like u r blog...:)

Anonymous said...

OMG! Ur kids r soo cute! You r so luck to be the parents of such cute kids!