Wednesday, August 15, 2012


We have had a lot of firsts around here. Wyatt tried rice cereal for the first time. He is not sure what to think of it yet. He has been taking longer naps since I started feeding him in addition to nursing him. He started eyeing me while I was eating so I knew it was about time to start feeding him. I know I always say this but he has been such a good baby and My heart melts every time his cute little eyes meet mine. He attempts to roll over but hasn't quite mastered that yet. He loves to suck on his fists and chew on anything lately because he is teething. He goes by wee man, Sargent, Wy Wy, Wyatt, and wa wa wa w wyatt. Bailey is doing all sorts of things and is really starting to talk a lot more. She loves to dance to music, escape outside, run, play with her baby doll, and follow me or her brother. She is such a sassy girl these days and is just trying to find her place. She loves to sit on my lap and have me read books to her. She loves when I will play ponies with her as well. Bentley has started preschool at Entz Elementary. I had mixed emotions about this with him being so young but he is doing great. He even rides the Bus to school and loves it. He has already made a friend on the bus named Lincoln. I love hearing what he has to say when he gets home from school. He has said "I like to learn momma", "we played play dough and read books", "I go to school today", and so many other cute things. He has a couple friends from our ward in his class. There are about twelve kids to five adults in the classroom so each kid gets lots of attention. I am so proud of Bentley because he is normally very shy at first in these situations but like I said, he is doing wonderful. My hope is that they can work on his speech with him because other than that he picks up things so quickly and is so smart. He writes his name and can write some other letters too. He counts to 20 and knows colors, shapes, animals, and letters. He has started to learn to read and loves to get new books. He is great at the ipad games and can even beat Jon at some. He likes to be silly and He and Bailey love when I act silly with them. Lately Bentley will come up to me and go "hey silly face" and then start laughing his head off. He is so funny and also a very obedient little boy. Wyatts first time eating cereal
Bentley's first Day of Preschool at Entz Elementary
Bailey wanted a picture too!
Best Friends...sometimes:)
Handsome baby Wyatt
Bentley going on the bus for the first time. I was so anxious for him but he loved it and met a new friend named Lincoln
Cousin Trey was crawling over to Wyatt and making him giggle. It was so cute!

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