Monday, October 15, 2012

Our soccer star!

We started Bentley in a soccer league starting at the beginning of September and he just loves it. With each practice and game he is improving his skills and doing really well. The look on his face when he scores a goal is priceless. He is more competitive than I thought and it is funny to see him get in there and fight for the ball. He loves being with all his friends and his personality has really come out since starting preschool and soccer. Before he barely said a word and now he talks my ear off. He is so sweet and is always so sensitive to how I am feeling... he always makes me smile with his big hugs, kisses, and pats on the head. We love our Bentley boy. In action. This team was really good and I was proud of Bentley for keeping up with them.
practicing making goals before the game
The cutest athlete I ever did see
Group huddle
In action...and he scores!
Go Bentley Go
Group picture before the game!
Wyatt cheering Bentley on
Sweaty little guy
Bailey enjoying the donuts while cheering for her brother!

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