Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Getting older.....

Now I share my birthday month with my sweet little girl Bailey!

This December 11th I turned 27! Getting older doesn't seem to bother me but it does feel weird when you look back and think.... where did the time go?! In the last ten years I ran track and got second in the 4x400 at our state meet, graduated high school with honors, got married at 20 in the Mesa Arizona Temple to my sweetheart Jon, got my first back surgery at 20,worked at: Dillards, Olive Garden, a Dentist office as an assistant, and The Elephant Bar while going to Dental hygiene school, Attended BYU and then transferred to UVSC for my Dental Hygiene Program, Studied tons, Graduated as a Dental Hygienist in 2008, had our first child Bentley in 2009, worked as a Dental Hygienist part time and stay at home mom full time!, had Bailey in 2010, hurt my back and was getting ready to have second back surgery when we found out we were expecting our third child March 2012! Jon and I have also moved a total of ten times during the last ten years as well. I know that this timeline isn't very detailed but its still crazy to me how much happens in such a short time span. I also have met some of the neatest friends and people during this time! You know who you are(:
My birthday was great! Jon took me to one of my favorite restaurants the Macaroni Grill and to see a movie. He also gave me a card that read " this card is good for a shopping spree with your best friend Jade next Friday and you must spend it all on yourself!" Anyone who knows me well, knows I don't shop very often, and when I do I always end up looking at the kids stuff or mens stuff for Jon. I didn't think I would have fun looking at stuff for me, especially since I am pregnant, but my wardrobe did need a good update , and with Jades help I ended up finding lots of cute things I like. My family also had us over for dinner and my mom made me a cake and a yummy birthday dinner. Sadly no pictures were taken because I am usually the one with the camera taking pictures to remember certain events. Heres to many more years! We will see what surprises the next ten years has for me(:


Kurt and Carli said...

I miss you Christi!!! Time does fly. . . it seems like yesterday we were roommates! Hope you are feeling great. and you look gorgeous in all your pics by the way!

Tim and Jennifer said...

You do look so pretty. I think pregnancy suits you well! It was fun to read your timeline. I hope things can slow down a bit after this next baby :). Love you!

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