Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bailey girl turned 1

Bailey's Birthday in Picture

My sweet little angel turned one on December 15! She has brought so much joy to our family and has such a special little spirit that she brings to our home. Little girls and boys both bring different personalities to a family thats for sure! She is always into things, and already holds her own when she wants a toy from bentley or something from mom and dad. She has perfected her sweet innocent face as well as her pouty face. It is hilarious because she will open her mouth really wide and squint her eyes to let us know she is not happy. She now walks really well and keeps us on our toes. She is the perfect mixture of tom boy and girly girl.... I say this because sometimes she will play only with Bentley's toy cars, balls, or tools, and get really muddy and dirty. Other times I catch her eyeing my jewelry or sparkly things, playing with her dolls, and carrying around my hair brush or purse. She also follows me around if I am cleaning and wants to get in on the action( Just wait Bai, you will get your turn (: She is already very nurturing as well and will love Bentley if he is sad or in time out. She is a great eater and will even out eat Bentley. She loves to be outdoors and exploring. Something that I love about her is that she will cuddle and give kisses if you ask. She will also dance to any music thats on or singing that is sung. She is silly and when Bentley or her aunt Heidi get her going she can really get hyper. We love our Bailey girl and know she is going to make life interesting and wonderful for years to come!

For Baileys birthday I stressed about making things perfect for her. Why you ask, would I spend so much time thinking about a one year olds birthday? I don't have the answer and I know it is weird. For her special day I held a princess party and invited some friends and family. We sent out Purple and Pink invitations, I made pom pom decorations, I got a big princess balloon, and made princess cupcakes. Bailey even got her very own princess cake and crown! We had it at Sheepherders park because Bailey loves the park and will play for hours. We had pizza, veggies, fruit, snacks, and of course cake:) Bailey loved playing with all the kids and I couldn't get her to slow down and come eat. She just wanted to play. She loved her pizza though! We sang happy birthday and I could tell she felt special the attention was on her. She tried to blow out her candle( She has the cutest little face when she is trying to blow on hot food and it was cute to see her try and get the candle.) I was surprised when she didn't hardly touch the cake after a few bites. I guess she must have filled up on the pizza. She loved all the gifts and wanted to play with each one. My dad got her the cutest sparkly pink shoes made for a princess. It is so cute to see her with them on because I can tell she loves them and they are light so she can walk well in them. Bailey also got another pair of pink shoes, toys, a baby doll, doll stroller, and many other fun things. Thank you to everyone for coming and making it a special day for our princess!

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