Monday, February 08, 2010

Bentley's FIRST Birthday Party!!!!

Bentley's first birthday party was a success. He had so much fun playing on the playground with friends and family. When we started singing Happy Birthday to him he started looking around with a funny look on his face like.." why is everyone singing to me". He got fun gifts from everyone and is enjoying them as we speak. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us!
Bentley is now walking(like Frankenstein), talking ( mama, dada, baba), and officially getting into everything. He is in the 98% for height so he is very tall and can reach almost everything on the tables. If he can't reach it he will just push a smaller object over to the larger object and crawl on top. He is a smart mischievous boy and we love him so much. He keeps us entertained and always on our toes. Bentley has loving aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma's, grandpa's, and great grandparents who adore him and play with him so well. He loves them all so much. Bentley and my brother Collin have a special relationship and can play for hours with each other. Collin is so good with Bentley and loves to help out with him. Bentley's actual birthday is on Wednesday so thats when he will turn the big 1 ! I love being his mother and I couldn't ask for a more perfect angel. Happy Birthday butter ball, benny, bent, Bentley... you are loved!

Look at those teeth. He is always teething these days it seems like.

Day helping shovel the cake in your mouth. You loved it.

I love this angel face.

His smile just melts my heart. He was wearing the new shirt kelsey and Kyle got him to church.

Having fun on the slides!

Great Grandpa West playing with you. You love his Bolo tie's!

Bentley opening presents. More like me showing him his presents. He was such a lucky boy and everyone was so thoughtful.

Bentley checking out the new quad Grandma and Grandpa gave him. He loves it!

Bentley loves to share. Here Heidi.... eat this!

He ran frosting all throughout his hair and he had it in his ears and nose. He sure had fun doing it though.

He kept looking at me like.... is this ok mom.... normally I don't get to do this:)

Bentley's buddies Parker and Sterling who also turn one soon.

The party guests

Our little family

The birthday boy arrived by Radio flyer wagon! Birthday hat on... Check

Bentley's first birthday cake! He wasted no time tearing into this thing!

By sweet boy "helping" me out in the kitchen.


angela hardison said...

wow i can't believe he's a year old! happy birthday bentley.

to answer your question about the piano: i've been looking on craigslist for a looong time. i finally found one i liked and had a piano tech come look it over before buying. it has some problems but i got it for a great deal ($200)... so just be patient and keep looking on craigslist for an upright piano. there are actually lots of them!

Lacey said...

I love these pictures. Bentley is adorable. You look so gorgeous in these pictures too! Love you and miss you!

Tim and Jennifer said...

How is he one?? He sure is cute. You look so pretty and skinny in these pics! Wish I could have been there to celebrate. We love you Bentley!

Rachel said...

Thanks for having us at his party! We had a lot of fun. Our boys are so cute together!