Sunday, February 14, 2010

More birthday pics.... I know :)

Going for a walk with bentley in his new wagon. He loves loves loves being outside.

Eating some lunch. He likes to feed himself and share with whoever is by him when he's eating something

Singing happy birthday to bentley one last time.

This tearing paper thing is fun!

Opening is Radio Flyer wagon. He is so excited can you tell(:

Bentley with Grandma Curtis and Collin having fun.

Bentley finally caught up to me. I was taking pics of him as he walked all the way up the hall.

Cruising on two legs. He looks so cute when he's walking. He puts his hands out for balance and goes. If he gets going fast he start laughing really hard.


Melanie Lynne said...

He's just too darn cute!

Meg and Ted said...

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