Monday, May 26, 2008

My cute dogs and Rockefellar Center!

Hey everyone. I was getting ready one day and I came out to find my cute dogs snuggled up together taking a nap. They looked so adorable so I had to take a picture. They love to play together and Maverick loves to bug cooper when they are running outside. Jon took them to the park yesterday and was letting them go down the slide. I think the dogs thought Jon was crazy but he had fun.
Some of the girls and I went into the city to get lunch and to see Rockefellar Center and the empire state building. It is always fun to walk around New York because there is so much to see and you meet such interesting people. There are always groups of kids dancing and doing amazing things that I didn't think was possible with their bodies. I saw some huge billboards that said the power of platinum that I thought were cool since that's the name of the company Jon works for. He thought they were pretty neat. Anyway's it looks like everyone is having a nice fun summer so far so keep your blogs updated. I am so excited because my brother michael, his wife amber, and their cute new little boy Rex are coming to visit this week. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

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Ry & Britt Devine said...

Love the dogs. It looks like you are going to have a great summer with all of those girls. I bet you are excited to have Michael and Amber come.

HomeschoolRulz3 said...


The kids love the picture of your dogs. They miss Cooper.

Teresa Ferrel

Tim and Jennifer said...

DId you go inside the American Girl shop? Cute pics of dogs. How fun to meet little Rex.

Kyle & Shadolyn said...

aww christi, your dogs are so cute all snuggled up! love it! Oh PS i ment to tell you that I looked up the concert series that the Today Show does so if any girls want to get up early for some free shows I'm game!

Jenna said...

hey Christi,
It's jenna gunnell here. how are you doing, i just found your blog you are so cute, it is so fun to see that you are doing well and so fun to see your blog.congrats on grad