Saturday, May 31, 2008

Breakfast and Costco!

Jon and I needed to have a date together and since he never gets home until late we decided to go to breakfast. We foun this cute little pancake house near by and it was delicious. I had an omlette and jon had apple pancakes. As you can see by the pics they were enormous. We will share next time for sure. They had fresh squeezed orange juice as well. If anyone wants to know where it's at I can tell you.
After that Jon went to work so me and some girls went tocostco to get groceries. Here is a pic of my friends Shadolyn and Dani with our cart. People here probably think we are weird. oh well(:


Kyle & Shadolyn said...

man christi, you weren't lying that was some major food! But it looks good! The costco picture is way cute except for the squinty girl with the thumbs up. :)

Ry & Britt Devine said...

Where is that food from? It looks like the food they serve at this place by my house called The Original Pancake House. NOT to be confused with IHOP.

The apple pancakes look to die for :)