Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Central Park!

On Thursday my friend Deborah had a birthday so we celebrated with her after her work with Cupcakes and ice cream. Zoie loves playing with the dogs and they love playing with her. When they get close to her she squints her eyes and turns away. It is so cute.
On Sunday we had a great lesson at church. It was given in spanish so we had to listen with earphones to the translator. I never thought I would have to do that but it was cool and Patricia gave a really good lesson on prayer. Our branch had a linger longer after church to get to know all of us. It was so nice of them. After that Jon and I decided to go to the city with some friends and to bring our dogs with. We thought it would be nice to go have a picnic in central park and to walk through it. Little did I know how big and how long it takes to walk through that place. Luckily it is beautiful every step of the way. The Met and some other museums line the park but we were to late, they had already closed. Anyways it is so neat walking through the park and seeing the beautiful city rising up behind it.
Well thats all for now. Hope all is well.


Tim and Jennifer said...

I like the nickname Mav! You are such a good friend to make all those cupcakes. You know we love to celebrate birthdays :). We're in Texas house hunting, but leaving tomorrow. I'll have to give you a call with all the updates. Those pics in Central Park are so pretty.

Lacey said...

Keep the great pictures coming! I love getting a glimpse into your exciting adventures!

Chris Sarah and Charli Pugmire said...

You're so lucky! I've always wanted to see Central Park! The pictures are awesome, and Im glad you're having so much fun!

Melissa (Missy) Eva Streiff said...

hey christi! looks like you girls are having fun in NYC! Can't wait to come out and see you girls..I am however dreading that long flight!