Thursday, May 15, 2008

City Girls!

Well a few of the wives and I were brave and decided to go into the city to do some exploring. We took the bus to the subway station and rode the subways the rest of the way in. For a bunch of westerners it was quite the task but it was so much fun. We went to Central Park and looked around. There we saw this group of boys telling us to circle around them so they could show us there moves. They were really good. I was quite impressed. It takes some muscles to go into some of those postions. Next we ate lunch in Time Square and looked around at which broadways we wanted to go see. Then we went down to Canal street " China Town" where some of the girls bartered for purses. They have some cute things down there for cheap. After that we went to the Soho neighbor hood where we saw the best stores everywhere. One of the girls we were with has a design internship there so we stopped by her work. That was that trip. Yesterday we went into the city again taking a much quicker route( which made us all happier). I really have been wanting to try the ever talked about Pink Berry so we went there first and I must say it was delicious. You wouldn't think just plain yogurt could be so good. And it is healthy which makes it even better. Then we went shopping in the Soho district which was awesome bc there is every store you would want there. Anyways, NY is an amazing and diverse city and it is awesome. There are also pics of my two cute Dogs Cooper and Maverick( at least that is what we are calling him for now.) Jon is working hard as usual and he is doing great!


Lacey said...

Cool! Looks like a fun adventure. I want to try Pink Berry. It looks delicious.

Tim and Jennifer said...

I'm jealous. I'm glad you liked pInk berry. I wasn't the biggest fan. Probably because it's considered healthy. :) Name your dog already!!! Tim asks me everyday if you decided on a name yet. Maverick is a cute one!