Tuesday, July 04, 2017

May 2017

May was a very busy month! Jon and I went on a cruise and were gone for 12 days! Longest we have ever been away from kids. It was so fun to get to explore the world but we missed these sweet kids dearly. We were gone over mother day and my dads birthday but were able to give wish them happy birthday and mothers day through FaceTime thank goodness! I got a little emotional being away on Mothers day and missed the kids even more. Luckily Jon was a great partner to travel with and we made lots of memories and got to see a whole new part of the world over in Europe. Once we got back there was only a little over one week of school left for the kids.

 Wyatt graduated from preschool and he will miss his wonderful teachers Miss Smith and Miss Fow. He is ready for kindergarten and is looking forward to going to the same school as Bailey and Bentley 

 They got to have a light snack and then stuff panda bears from build a bear. what a special day it was to celebrate wyatt and all that he learned throughout the year!

 The kids beg me to play Pie face and every now and then I oblige:)

We love family movie nights!
 Bailey had a dance recital at the end of May! She loves to dance and wants to continue in the Fall.

 Grandma Curtis was so kind to come and support Bailey at her dance recital and to bring her flowers!

 Sophia loves her some salsa
 I love when the kids will all play something together. Here they are playing with Baileys calico critters set.

 Cute pictures our babysitter kaylee took of the kids while we were on our trip.

 Bailey and some of her classmates. End of the school year party at her friend Madison's house.

 We took the kids to urban Jungle. It is a fun, new, play place. They loved it!

 After swimming at Grandma and Grandpa Curtis' house we went to the soda shop and got dinner with a popular food truck called 7 brothers.
 Memorial Day BBQ at my parents house. It was fun to visit and celebrate those who have served our country and granted us freedoms we would not have had otherwise.

 Left to right: Dad, Grandpa Curtis, Grandma Curtis, mom, Corina, and Mark.

 First Day of swim team. It is fun to watch Bentley because he is at such a competitive age right now.
 Picture of Wyatt and Bentley holding hands as a consequence and time out for fighting.
 I am so proud of Wyatt for doing swim team at only 5. He is doing awesome and building endurance, and strength. 
 The Patience's brought Bentley and Wyatt to play with them at the hotel they were staying at. They all had a great time!

 These last few pictures are of us on Kevin's birthday. It is a hard reminder that he is no longer with us and we feel his absence everyday. It doesn't seem right that he is gone, but moments of peace come that he is watching over us and no longer suffering. I miss his smile, his hugs, his love of adventure. I miss our talks and I can't wait to see him again one day up in Heaven. We had a family dinner and swim because thats what Kevin would have wanted to do. We also visited his grave site and let off balloons with messages we all would tell him if he were here. We love you brother!

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