Wednesday, July 05, 2017

June 2017

We had a great June! It was filled with many differing activities. The kids are getting used to swim team practice and attending the meets. The are all working so hard and doing well. I even see little muscles forming on there arms, chest, and shoulders from all the workouts. Bailey's favorite stroke is Backstroke and she is really good at it! Wyatt loves Butterfly and Breastroke. He is also great at freestyle and backstroke. Bentley loves all the strokes except backstroke. Maybe that will change but for now he prefers the Butterfly, Breaststroke, and Freestyle. We made a trip up North the beginning of June to the Mogollon Rim to camp with friends off Young road. I was not looking forward to camping with kids as it always takes a lot of work and things get so dirty. I was surprised at how fun turned out and how well the kids entertained themselves with their friends. We also borrowed my dads camping trailer which made things better also since I didn't have to sleep on the ground 6 months pregnant. We road motorcycles, razors, we swam in creeks, jumped off logs and rocks, built forts, made flowers headbands, found great walking sticks, played on the slack line and hammock, and had great conversation and meals. It was a successful camping weekend and we are all looking forward to doing it again with the Sherwoods, Howards, and Rhoners! Next in the month we went to see the new Tucson Temple before it was dedicated. I feel very blessed a grateful to live near so many of the Lords houses and to be able to take my kids and teach them more about temples. I love the questions that arise in their minds and the conversations we have. I am so grateful for the knowledge that families can be together forever and i felt a special spirit of confirmations while attending the temple open house that my brother Kevin was near and that being at the temple with my family was one of the best places I could be on earth. I hope that our kids grow up and gain a testimony for themselves of the wonderful blessings of the temple and of families. After that we went to California which will be a separate post. At the end of June we finally began digging a pool in our back yard and can't wait for it to be finished! It is hot here during the summers so having a pool will be so nice!

 Bentley at swim team practice. 
 Our good friend Alle White gifted all her cute stuffed animals to our girls and Bailey is loving them!
 Bailey and her friend Nora at the swim meet.
 Bailey and my Cousin Juliannes' daughter Cali at Swim meet
 Wyatt and Bentley
 Bentley was so excited to get a first place ribbon at his swim meet!
 Bailey, Wyatt, Lincoln (neighbor), Bentley, Beckham (neighbor)
 Slack lining with friends. This entertained them for days!

 Wyatt taking a lunch break.
 My little camping princess with her flower crowns.
 Bailey holding a butterfly she found.
 Bentley boy hiking around the forrest.

 Sophia and daddy on a walk with Cooper!
 Gun practice with our friend Nathan Sherwood

 Peach cobbler two nights in a row!!

 Having fun wading through the creek and playing around!
 wyatt.... it was cold but that didn't stop him from jumping in!

 Bailey having fun!
 Sophia woke up from her nap and decided to join in the fun!

 Visiting the Fish hatchery

 Bentley with Jon on a dirt bike ride.
 Wyatt with friends Brecken and Cole Howard
 Sophia wanted a ride so I obliged
 Nathan gave the boys a razor ride.

 First time trying out Casanova Brothers Pizza and it was delicious!
 I love this little helper girl of mine! She is so girly and I love it! She runs errands with me and loves to get ready for the day and "help" me.

 Swimming at our friends the Alvords.
Ice cold Slushes from Sonic never disappoint during the summer!

Swimming with our friends the Mckays

Bailey with her friends Madison at the swim meet.

Bentley is growing into such a handsome boy. He can be so intuitive and loves to learn. Grateful he still likes to hang out with his mom and give me hugs:)
My friend Heidi White had the girls over to play with her girls. She had them make cake pops and decorate them and Bailey and Sophia had the best time!
Dad brought the boys home some BYU gear he ordered for them! They were pretty excited!
We decided to celebrate Fathers Day early since we would be at the beach house with so many others. I liked being able to gov him gifts and tell him the things we loved most about him. We sure are lucky to have him lead our family and he is a great father to the kids. He loves them, is interested in the things the are learning and doing, he works with them, plays with them, and teaches them. He is always up for getting a treat or having a fun activity to do and the kids love him! 
Wyatt was excited about the bus ride to see the Tucson temple.
Daddy and Bailey on the bus ride to the temple. I loved the hymns they were playing over the speakers.
Wyatt and Bentley were seat partners and Sophia was mine! She felt like such a big girl!

The Tucson temple was smaller than the Gilbert and Mesa temples I am used to attending but it was beautiful and held a wonderful spirit in it!

The Christ Statue at the open house.
Family photo op in front of the Tucson temple.

My good friend Heidi White came to the rescue one hot summer day! We were on our way home from swim team and she noticed my back right tire was going flat quickly. She called me to tell me to stop and then she stopped to help me. She ended up taking the kids while I went to go get the tire fixed. I am glad I didn't make it home and park it in the garage while it went completely flat.

Celebrating good friend Brock White at his 8th birthday party!

My friend Destanie let them dig into the cake without forks and the boys went crazy and loved the idea.
Bentley likes to get the school lunches offered during the summer by the pool and eat side by side with his friends.
 Cousin Trey came over to play one day and the had fun playing the game Trouble.
Picture of the Tractor digging our pool. I can't wait until it is finished and the yard isn't all torn up!
Sophia had fun one day painting and playing play doh. 
This is a look she gives me often. Sassy and sweet!
Wyatt was playing with his castle. He is getting so big and is looking forward to kindergarten.
Bentley taking a chance to play the x box. I don't like him playing games on the tv a lot but ever now and then I let him and he loves playing motorcycle games, hockey, and football. Wyatt is usually right there with him playing.
The boys went to a DiamondBacks baseball game and got a ball signed by Paul Goldschmidt. The had a great time eating all you can eat hotdogs, popcorn, and ice-cream! While they were there the girls and I had a fun night of our own and went shopping, out to eat, and to see the new Despicable me 3 kids movie. I enjoy spending some time with just my girls and doing girly things the boys don't appreciate.

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