Saturday, April 22, 2017

February and Bentleys Baptism

February was a crazy month of lows and highs. This post will contain the highs. First on the list is Bentley. He turned 8. This is a big birthday in our religion because he had the opportunity to be interviewed by our bishop and to choose to be baptized.  We are so proud of Bentley and the decisions and choices he has made thus far. He has a drive to do what is right and is quick to say sorry when he makes a mistake. He is a great helper and loves his siblings. He is great at any sport he tries and works hard in school. He already has a desire to search the scriptures and read in them. He is a great friend and he is my buddy. He is tall, skinny, and handsome. He takes good care of his teeth because he knows it makes his mom happy haha. For his birthday we celebrated by eating breakfast at kneaders. Tragedy struck our family two days before his birthday and so I was not able to be around a lot. Luckily for a great neighbor who brought him treats and balloons to school he felt the love. I also sent treats with him to share with his class and bought him an ice cream cake. That night we went to Geckos grill because my kids love mexican food and getting sung to.  The next day was his baptism and the spirit was so strong in that room. Bentley had all his family, and close friends there to support him along with his primary leaders, classmates, and the missionaries. Sister Tenney the primary president gave a wonderful talk on the Holy Ghost and our bishop talked about baptism. Bentley's Grandpa Curtis and Great Grandpa Curtis were able to be the witnesses and confirm he was covered by the water all the way just as Jesus was baptized. His wonderful dad Jon baptized him and blessed him with the gift of the Holy Ghost along with your bishop, Grandparents, and Uncles. You felt very loved and after the baptism we went to our home for a small lunch in. What a special day I hope he will always remember.

Bailey and Sophia with The Ellsworth girls Ana and Ellie.
Watching a movie with our neighbor boy Beckham
Wyatt and Lincoln talked me into making cookie dough one day. I love these cute buddies
Family time is the best time. I love that our couch seats over ten people it is so big and they all squish together and two in a half cushions.
Bentley in his new tie and suit. He was so excited to get a nice set of scriptures with his name engraved on them. He also got a nice new CTR ring to wear to always remind him to choose the right
My dear friend Jodee who happens to also be Bentley's primary teacher at the time offered to take these pictures of Bentley at the Gilbert Temple.
I think she did such an amazing job and I am grateful for her testimony and sweet spirit.
She also got a few of Jon and I in front of the temple.

Kneaders breakfast for the win!
Snuck up on him while he was deep in thought reading his scriptures. I love this boy!
My sweet and thoughtful friends Jade, Morgan, and Rachel came to help me decorate for Bentleys baptism lunch in. I don't know what I would have done without them because it had been such a rough week with the loss of my brother Kevin.

Bentley with the Towel the primary gifted him. It had his name and the date he got baptized.

A cute sign Bentleys sweet friend Graham made him.
snuggle time with daddy.
Our yogurt monster. This girl loves her some yogurt.
She is looking so big and acting like a big girl.
singing happy birthday to Bentley on his birthday.
Thoughtful gifts friends sent to cheer me up.
Valentines day breakfast

celebrating Kianii for her 22nd birthday. It was bittersweet to be celebrating when we had lost Kevin just the week before.
Cousin sleepover and breakfast with cousins J, Belle, and Julz.
Sophia is like Bailey and loves being outside riding her bike. She pedals so fast now I can hardly keep up!
Bentley's baptism announcement

Grandma Curtis Got Bentley all his new scout uniform and sewed all the right patches on to get him ready for his first scout meeting. She is the best and so thoughtful.
Bentley writing in his journal. He loves rubies cubes lately!

Geckos grill for birthday dinner.

Our neighbors heart attacked us  on Valentines day! so Sweet

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