Saturday, April 22, 2017

January 2017 New year and new activities

January was a great month with amazing weather. Jon got a new truck that immediately had issues. It was so frustrating but after about a month at the GMC dealership they final figured out the engine had warped parts and they would just get him a new truck again. Bentley started practicing basketball and he started playing his first season on a team. He is learning to dribble and shoot and pass. Wyatt is starting to learn to read and recognize sight words. He has nice handwriting and likes to draw like his brother Bentley. Bailey started going to dance again after a long break. She still isn't sure she loves it but she does come home with a big smile and is happy after every class. I love watching her dance and think she is a natural at it. Sophia is growing way to fast and trying to take on way too much. We even found her trying to microwave her own breakfast the other morning by pulling a stool up to the counter and reaching on her tippy toes to get the buttons. She is sweet and sassy and she folds her bottom lip down to give us big wet kisses. She is going so fast on her strider bike and scooter and she loves to sing. I love hearing her little voice behind me in the car singing with me. I started working out for the first time in a long time at a pilates studio called Power Core Plus my friend Mckinzi owns. I really like getting stronger but without putting to much strain on my back. I enjoy being pushed and I feel better already. My primary calling keeps me busy especially on Sundays but it is fun to work with such great women and to feel the spirit of the kids and teachers. Jon got called to work in the Young Mens with the Teachers. 

 Bailey having a fun at her friend Lucy's birthday party!
 I love the look of concentration on Bentleys face as he puts the legos together!
 Sadly we had a slow start to our year. After Christmas our family got hit with one of the worst Flu viruses we have ever had. Both Jon and I didn't know we were going to survive the constant throwing up , the sad look on our kids faces, the consistent laundry, and bleaching/cleaning of everything. But after it going through everyone we finally saw an end in site. This is a picture of Sophia during that time hanging out late with us because she wasn't feeling well.
 Right about the same time the kids were sick my sweet sister in law Lexi  sent us a fun package in the mail. The kids loved their super hero costumes and drawings from their cousins in Canada. We felt the love.
 One of the first weekends in January we rented a Razor to go up camping with some friends. The first day we rode around Four Peaks and had some fun seeing all the breathtaking views. It was still a little chilly but the sun shone making it bearable.

 We had a good time the first day and night but the next morning Jon took the kids on a ride while I helped clean up breakfast. My heart sank when about 100 yards away I saw Jon make a sharp turn and the whole razor rolled. I went screaming and running to them not knowing what I would find. Little sophia was strapped in and luckily stayed put. Bentley was also hanging from his seat belt crying and Jon was in shock and couldn't get out of his seatbelt.  I felt sick when I saw bailey laying in the sand and wyatt was nowhere to be seen. When I picked Bailey up she was laying on top of wyatt who wasn't seat belted and landed by a miracle right beneath the window so he didn't get crushed. There was gas pouring all over Wyatt and Bailey so with help from a few of the men  we got Bailey and Wyatt up and rolled the razor right side up. After further investigation we were so angry to find out that the wheel fell right off the axel. Jon was not going fast when he made the turn and we all had wondered why the rolled until we saw that. The guy we rented it from got an earful from Jon and we will not be renting again. We were not made aware the vehicle was in a crash the weekend before and all the tires were dangerously low on tire pressure. It was a tender mercy that day that my family was all ok minus some minor scrapes and bruises. Our friends were all so kind to help us and we are grateful for them. I know that there were angels watching over us and that things could have ended up very different.
 Picture of Lake Roosevelt

 Me and Sophia
 We had fun visiting around the cam fire and roasting marshmellows. Here is a picture of all four kids bundled up together because it was such a cold night. around 33 degrees. When we woke up there was ice and frost on everything. Luckily we had a space heater to help us sleep more comfortably.
 Cruising around with our good friends the Rhoners and Sherwoods
 Four Peaks. 
 That day we thought was cursed because on our way home to get the razor wheel fixed and dropped off we got pulled over, the strap broke that was holding the razor to the front of the trailer making it fall back and smash our little motorcycle we had also brought, and to end the night Jon opened his truck day to put his back pack inside and a sleeping Wyatt fell out and hit the step on the way down splitting open his head. I took care of wyatt the best I could and said Jon this day is cursed and we need to get home safely asap. 
 Tired kids after a long couple of days
 Enjoying the park by our house and the beautiful weather
 Cousings cruising around. While Michael and Amber were renovating their home in January we had Jace over a couple of days to play. Sophia loved having a playmate!
 This has become a nightly ritual after  family scriptures and prayers. If the kids listen and are reverent they get to ride on jon back to their bedrooms while he sings The Aladdin song. Its the best and Jon is such a great dad the kids adore.
 Bentley started Basketball and is doing so well for his first time playing. He has a great group of boys on his team and wonderful coaches.
 Sophia and her bestie Nora singing let it go on the karaoke machine.
 Caravan headed to bed.
 Bentley's Second grade class took a field trip to schnepf farms.
 Riding the train with his buddy Jaden.

 hay rides with his class and teacher Ms. Dote
 I love when I find these kids looking at our family albums. This is what I found when I came out of my room one morning.
 Cousin sleepover and breakfast with Michael and Ambers kiddos.
 It took awhile for Sophia to warm up to my brother Tyler but now they are best buddies! He helped me watch them one day when I couldn't find a sitter and even changed his first diaper. Brothers are awesome.
 Out enjoying the most gorgeous skye and weather with my girls on a bike ride and to get the mail. 

 Wyatt had a fun snow day with his preschool class so I took Sophia to go with me to help and to play in the snow. I love that they do this because the nearest snow is usually over an hour away. 

 Wyatt with his buddy Lincoln Patience
 Picking the kids up from the bus and walking home. I love that the bus drops them off right down the street from our house and we can keep an eye on them.

 Grandma Curtis was able to join Sophia and I for a yummy dinner and night to visit. Bailey was at a party and the boys were at the Supercross watching motorcycles with Jon.
 I went to go watch the kids at their school lap a thon. Wyatt , Bailey, and Bentley did a great job and Sophia even joined in a few laps but then tripped and fell so it was short lived.

 Water break. I was impressed that the school raised over 45,000 dollars.
 More pictures from our camping trip. The kids caught a snake and were about to go let it go.
 A picture of the razor after we rolled it back on its wheel. Such a scary experience.
The boys enjoying a night together at the super cross. They go almost every year and they love watching the motorcycles.

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