Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thirty years

I turned 30 this year!  Because I was so consumed with family stuff, Christmas, and taking care of the kiddos I did not anticipate this birthday which is not the norm for me. I usually look forward to my birthday and like celebrating. However, Jon didn't forget and had plans set up! I just didn't know about them until that day. Unlike most people I wasn't to afraid to enter the next decade of my life, in fact I look forward to it! Thats not to say I didn't wish I still looked twenty and felt as rested as I was in my twenties but Ive just accepted I am not going to look like that again and to just be happy with being healthy and strong. I am very lucky that my back is doing well and that I have a beautiful family to share my life with! Turning thirty had me reflecting on all that has gone on the last ten years of my life. In my twenties I went to college at BYU, MCC, and UVU. I worked at Dillards, Olive Garden, Elephant Bar, several dental offices in Utah and Arizona, and for the summer sales companies Jon worked for during the summers of our early years together, I was always a secretary. I graduated as a dental hygienist. I had two back surgeries! I held several callings for our church: Enrichment coordinator, Young Womens leader, relief society pianist, nursery to name a few. I had several trials that really had me relying on the Lord and the atonement of Jesus Christ. I learned that it is in fact through my trials that I am brought closer to the lord and I know with out a doubt that if we turn to him he will show his love to us and help us understand his will  (plan) for us. I was  blessed to have four beautiful children that keep me humble and stretch me in ways I didn't think were possible. They bring so much joy even though at times it is not east having four kids ages 5 and under at the same time. I met several life long friends. And while I am still learning each day I have realized that it isn't what the world thinks that matters but what the lord thinks of me and my actions, and thoughts and so on. I am very blessed and I am thankful to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and I am thankful for eternal families.
I didn't plan on doing much for my birthday since I had just had Sophia two weeks before, I was planning a birthday party for Bailey that I promised her she could have, and I didn't feel like doing much. However,  on Thursday, the actual day, I celebrated with my own little family by having my favorite pies and opening some thoughtful gifts from them. My mom, sister Heidi, and brother Collin also came over to help me celebrate that night and to give me some kind gifts. One of those was a necklace that had the initials of each of our children engraved on a charm. I love it and wear it all the time. Also my best friend Jade also helped me celebrate earlier that day. She was so sweet to spend most of the day visiting with me, getting me lunch, and going to get pedicures. Jade is the best friend a girl could ask for and will always be happy to have her close. The next two days were spent preparing for Baileys party which I will do a separate post for. Lets just say I was stressed and realized to late that it was dumb to plan a party so soon after having a baby. I was tired, worn out, and sore. However I wanted to follow through on my promise so I threw her a party that Saturday morning following my birthday. Jon told me he wanted to take me out that night since we didn't get to go out on my actual birthday. I was kind of bummed because he had told me he tried to get a group of friends and family together but that no one was able to join us. 
Even though I was tired I wanted to go spend time with Jon so he took me to one of my favorite restaurants called Brio. When we were on our way he kept texting a lot and I was furious that he was doing that while driving. Little did I know he was trying to make sure my surprise was in place. When we got to the restaurant I was so excited to see that most of my family members were there waiting to celebrate with us. I love my family and I am so grateful they came to enjoy a night out with us for my birthday. I am so lucky to have a husband who for the most part knows me and what I like. He knew I would love that surprise and he was right! Thanks Jon! Here are some pictures from the festivities. I am sad I didn't get any of Jade and I but we must have been having too much fun :)

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