Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Baileys 4th Birthday!

This girl loves so many things right now that it was hard to get her to narrow down a theme for her birthday. She wanted it to be a princess, frozen, hello kitty party so I had my work cut out for me.  I just did a little decor and games from each and she was so happy about it except that we weren't having it at the park instead of our home. Bailey had started asking me about having a party with her friends clear back in the spring. This was before I knew I was pregnant and would have a baby so close to our birthdays so I promised her that she could have a party with friends this year. I didn't want to disappoint her so I followed through even though it was stretching me thin to do it and stressing me out. Thats what moms do though right :) It was the Saturday before her actual birthday. She invited friends from preschool, her primary class, and the neighborhood. She also had her cousin Juliette there. I was short on time and still decorating and finishing up frosting cupcakes and setting out treats when the guests started to arrive. Luckily Jon and my sister Heidi were there to help so much! They played fun games with the kids while everyone was gathering. My sister in law Jessica was so sweet to stay awhile and take pictures! My best friend Jade also saved me by making a frozen themed cake for Bailey. She makes the most amazing cake and Bailey was so pleased with the end product! It takes a village to complete things sometimes. I also made "grinch" kabobs with strawberries, marshmallows, bananas, and grapes, "snowmen" cheesesticks, and other snacks to have out. Our first activity was pin the nose on Olaf the snowman. It was so cute watching all these little preschool aged kids visit and play the games. Next we decorated sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles. Most of the kids licked that frosting right of the top as usual instead of eating the whole cookie which I always think is funny. After that we went outside to play and have the kids swing at a butterfly piƱata Bailey loved. It was filled with toys and candies of all sorts. After that we came into sing happy birthday to the birthday girl. We ate cake and then opened presents. Bailey was spoiled and it was so cute to see her excitement and that of her friends. She had a blast to say the least and was crying when her friends had to go home!

Later on your actual birthday we celebrated as a family and got pizza. We also gave Bailey our gifts and Grandma came over also to wish you a happy birthday! Your brothers were so excited to give you their gifts! Bentley picked out a frozen book and bracelet for you. Dad got you a pink unicorn costume you adore Wyatt got you a doll and I got you frozen barbie dolls. Grandma got you a Hello Kitty doll that lights up and has fairy wings. I am glad we pulled the party off and that you were so pleased. We love you Bailey and you bring so much Joy and Happiness to our home.

You have a wonderful imagination and get the boys playing with you. You are all girl and love to dance, sing, put on makeup, paint your nails, dress up pretty, and play house with your dolls. You also know how to hold your own with your brothers though and I love it. You play football with them, wrestle, fight with swords, and race with them. You are a speedy little thing with a cute stance when you run. You love the colors pink, purple, and blue. You like to color and paint but get tired after a short time and say your arm hurts. You are a busy body and have many things going at once which can sometimes make your room and our house look like a mess. You are a great dancer and gymnist. You are strong and can hold your body up with your arms. You are a great little mommy to your sister. Your eyes light up when you see your sister and you love to hold her. Your teacher says you are kind to all your friends at school and that you are a great example! You love to go to primary and show me what you learned with your words or a picture you have colored. You love to have different hair styles and have fun making up which ones you want me to do. You are girly but can hold your own with the boys. You are a speedy little girl and have a really cute run or stride to you. You can be really sensitive and don't like to get into trouble. We are so happy to have you be apart of our family and I am so lucky to have a fun side kick and wonderful daughter like you!

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