Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The end of december

Leading up to christmas we did some fun activities with the kids. One of them was building a gingerbread house and the all cooperate really well together and really got into building it. They said they can't wait until next year and that they want to have a competition between the boys and the girls. We also hung out with cousins and got ice cream together at sub zero. Thats a place where they use nitrogen to freeze the liquid right in front of you to make ice cream. The kids thought it was so awesome. We got to visit the temple lights with family  as well. They are always so breathtaking, and visiting them really helps you to feel of the true meaning of christmas, and to focus on our savior Jesus  Christ.

Other activities in December included going to a fun new bike park with a track made of jumps and other challenges for cousin  4th birthday party. We loved it so much and have already been back several times. We also tried a new place called crazy air over Christmas break that the kids love. It is just a kids dream with trampolines, parkour courses, basketball hoops, dodgeball, climbing walls and ropes, rings and so much more. We enjoyed spending time together the whole month. Although it was a great break from school and activities, I think we were all ready for school, dance, football, and some of our other activities and normal routine to start back up again.

It has been sort of tricky with the new baby picking up taking kids to places but I am lucky to have a wonderful mom that helps me when I am in a bind. I have started going back to mutual and it was good to see the girls again and to catch up on what they are doing. Sophia still hasn't been to many places because she got a cold and it still hasn't gone away. Luckily it hasn't turned into anything worse. I still have to be so careful though with where I take her and who I take her around. There are so many illnesses going around and it drives me crazy that people aren't more careful with their sick family members and where they take their germs. I know sometimes as moms we have no choice and have to be out and about but other times I just think people are being disrespectful when they have a severely sick kid out sharing their germs with the public and my own little ones.

The rest of 2014 we spent enjoying friends and family, and reflecting on our year that seemed to fly by. So much happened with kids going to school, learning new things, adding another sweet baby to our family, Jons work going well, and so on. We are very blessed and are grateful for the people we have to share the moments in life with! On New years eve  we didn't have any big plans so we just stayed home and celebrated together. I even made a pie with the kids for fun and it turned out delicious.

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