Saturday, December 20, 2014

November catch up!

The month of November literally went by in the blink of an eye. I don't know why it is, but time just keeps on going by faster and faster the older I get. It definitely makes me want to cherish the time I have more and makes me feel like I need to be more organized. During the first part of the month the kids and I all got the Cold virus and since I was still pregnant mine wouldn't go away and turned into a sinus cold. Lets just say it was awful and I am glad to be much better now! We got to see Bentley play his last few games of soccer. He really progressed throughout the season and his team only lost once the whole time. He enjoys playing and loved hanging out with his friends especially his best friend Brock. He also had a Jog a thon at school where he got different family members to donate money for each lap he ran to a charity. He ran the maximum laps and we had a lot of fun watching him enjoy the excitement and achieve his goal. He is really excelling in school and does well in reading and math. He is a kind friend and we have fun asking him about his day. Wyatt has been super difficult lately and I feel like this always happens when I am about to have another baby. The youngest always seems to rebel. He is not fond of me right now and asks for Jon all day long. He is a daddy's boy and really tests my patience. I pray everyday to be a able to understand him and to be calm with him. It makes me sad but I know it is most likely a phase and he is just being a two almost three year old. He has strong opinions and makes sure we know what he likes and dislikes. He doesn't eat very well right now and it makes dinner time extremely difficult. However, even though he  has had a bad attitude lately, his sweet hugs and kisses still can make all the bad moments go away in one instant. He is independent and loves to play bad guys with his ninja turtle dolls, and he loves to play the iPad, and motorcycle games. Bailey is really becoming my shadow and is like a little mommy in training. She loves to help out mostly but still can cause quite a bit of contention with Wyatt. She likes to play in her imaginative world and sometimes feels she doesn't need to listen to anyone or anything. I adore her and her peppy little run, her excitement over the simplest things, and her want to be my little helper. She is doing well in school and is learning more each day. She loves unicorns, frozen, hello kitty, and all things animal. She plays the most out of all my kids and I appreciate that. Once we were all feeling well again Jon and I took the kids to see a fun movie. It was fun to have everyone sit back and enjoy it without chasing anyone around! After that we took them to go see Santa at the Bass Pro. I was really nesting towards the end of this last pregnancy and I'm sure got on everyones nerves especially Jon's with all my craziness. I felt like we needed to get Christmas set up, lights up, visit santa, clean house, organize, and trim bushes. In my head I felt like it would be too hard to do once the baby was here. Well it all got done and we ( maybe just me) are happy that we didn't have rush and get it all done the month of December! I like to sit back enjoy the special spirit of the christmas season and enjoy the holidays so this made that more possible as well. Anyways, the kids loved seeing santa and riding the carousel. No one cried although Wyatt didn't want to sit on Santa's lap, but instead just stood a little to the side of him. They also loved helping me decorate the tree and listen to christmas music a few weeks early! The kids are all very aware of santa and the Christmas season. We have really tried to teach them that it is not all about gifts and that the real reason we celebrate is to honor Christ's birthday and the ultimate gift he provided us of the atonement. I hope that they can someday fully grasp what a special time of year this is and learn to let go of the commercial side some and embrace the spiritual side more. I want to do more to give to others and not focus so much on what we are getting. I can improve a lot in this area and make more of an effort to orient our christmas traditions on giving to others! We are so blessed and I want others to know that it is my belief and faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ that help me to overcome trials, negativity, and just a simple bad day because I know that their is something much bigger than me at work. That is the atonement and the opportunity to live as families forever. I am so grateful to know that I have a heavenly father that loves me and an older brother named Jesus Christ who became my savior and created a way for me to make it back home to them both. I am Thankful for my family and that they love me and hang in there with me through the good and the bad. I am grateful to have celebrated thanksgiving with my family and several extended family of aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, and cousins. My sweet grandma had us all to her house and had a delicious meal, dessert, and games for the kids. She is such a hard worker, and gives gives gives. She never thinks of herself and she is always willing to help no matter what. My dear mother is the same and is always serving me and my family. I am grateful for good examples like them who keep inspiring me to be better and for a husband who sacrifices so much to provide for our family.

 Holding my baby Wyatt one last time before his sister made her debut!

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