Saturday, November 01, 2014


We had a fun Halloween! All month we prepared for this holiday by decorating pumpkin sugar cookies, going to the pumpkin patch and picking out pumpkins, painting pumpkins, carving pumpkins, having class halloween parties at school, and all of the like. Our ward had a party the wednesday before Halloween and the kids had a blast at the booths and trunk or treating. Bentley's good friend Brock came with us and their favorite was throwing a football at a target and watching a bucket of water soak the person sitting below. They both nailed it and it was fun to see. Wyatt tried his best but wasn't get strong enough to throw the ball to the target. It was fun to visit with neighbors and ward members in our church. Finally the day of Halloween arrived! We did the ongoing tradition of going over to my parents for their block party and this year most of their cousins came as well! The kids were super excited all month for Halloween and to finally get to wear their costumes. Bailey decided on Princess Elsa long ago and with some persuasion from me the boys decided on Ninja Turtles. I think they looked great in their costumes and it was fun for me to watch Bailey get so excited to play the role of Elsa. She immediately started singing and dancing in her costume. She also loved getting to put make up on of course! We had a yummy chili and hot dog dinner with root beer and treats also. The kids enjoyed playing all of the carnival booths that the youth in my parents ward were running. All of my kids were old enough this year to get the hang of playing the game and getting candy. It was fun to watch them run around with excitement and to play with their cousins Annabelle, J, Julz, Trey, and Bowen. Next we took of for the neighborhoods near by to trick or treat. The kids also were old enough to have this part down to a science and raced from door to door gathering candy and having fun. It's always fun to see the different decorations, and different ideas people come up with for halloween. At one house there was a beautiful butterfly that was sitting on a bush so Jon and my SIL Kelsey both held it on their fingers and the kids especially Bailey loved it! After only one block the younger kids were done and so we headed back to my parents. Bentley was not happy and wanted to keep going so Jon took him to some more houses. Overall it was a success and fun holiday to celebrate but now I need to get rid of all this candy!

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