Saturday, December 20, 2014

Welcome Sophia Kay Anderson

I am very lucky to have uneventful pregnancies and deliveries. I was really hoping for some excitement this time around, and for Sophia to come on her own because of all the contractions I was having and the way I felt, but I ended up being induced with her on November the 29th 2014. The day before we went to a movie as a family of five one last time, and spent time with family visiting at my parents. I think I was trying to keep my mind busy. Jon and I hardly slept a wink before it was time to get up at 4 am and head to the hospital. My sweet sister Heidi slept over so she could stay with the kids. We got to the hospital and were checked in. They started me on the the meds that I needed to have in my system for four hours before delivery due to being strep b positive. After a few hours they started the pitocen and my contractions started. They weren't too bad at first but as soon as I started feeling the stabbing pains in my back I asked for the epidural. Thank goodness for modern medicine because I already have chronic pain in my back and labor puts them over the top. Jon and I had done this before so I asked nurse Vicki if I could watch the mandatory videos we have to watch before we leave. I figured we were waiting for Doctor Beck anyway so we might as well pass the time.  Our delivery room nurses were very nice and we had some fun conversations. When the contractions increased and I started dilating the nurse told me I may as well call my mom and sister Heidi to come down incase I progressed quickly like I told her I did with my last three pregnancies. Sidenote; I really wanted Heidi to have the chance to see the beautiful miracle of delivering a baby into the world and at first she said no, but after some persistence she decided she would like to be there. I am so glad she was and was also grateful she captured this amazing miracle and day on camera for us. Anyways, long story short, my mom and sister got down there and then we all waited and waited and nothing happened. The nurse finally admitted that she thought the doctor needed to be somewhere else and so she was advised to try and hold me off to a certain time. I was so frustrated because I really wanted to meet this little girl and also felt bad that it was taking so long when normally I have my babies pretty quickly. Jon and I both admitted at the start of the day that something felt different about this baby and we weren't sure why. When the doctor got to the hospital around 4 he checked me and popped my water. Things still didn't progress the way we thought and so he came into check me again and little sophia was face up instead of face down. That is why she would just float up instead of engaging. It explains why my contractions although long and hard weren't do much to get her out. Doctor Beck told me to relax and he flip her to face the right direction. He makes it look so easy but it really shows what a great and calm doctor he is. Once she was flipped three pushes later she came out. I can never explain in words what that moment feels like when you see your child for the first time. It is a complete overwhelming blessing and miracle and I am always overcome with emotion. The spirit is so strong and I feel heaven close. It is always a strengthening time in mine and Jon's relationship and our testimonies are strengthened on the importance of families and creating eternal families. She came out screaming and perfect from head to toe. She was covered in the soft white vernix that covers babies and keeps their skin moisturized in the womb. The doctor quickly wiped her off and then handed her to me for some skin to skin, and mother/baby bonding time. Jon also got to cut her umbilical cord and that was that. She weighed 7lbs 5 oz., measured 20.5 inches long, and had a head circumference of 35cm. We always loved the name Sophia so that was easy, and then we decided since Bailey had a middle name from my side we would give Sophia a middle name from Jon's side. After much thought we decided on Kay after his sweet grandmother Kathleen (Kay) Anderson who was like a second mom to Jon growing up. Sophia Kay Anderson is her name and she is such a sweetheart. She has nursed like a champ and really has a very calm and sweet disposition. She has definitely brought so much Joy to our family and we are so very lucky to have her with us! I feel beyond grateful for her health and that we got to go home so soon ( just a day later). She is strong and I feel a kinship to her spirit. She brightens every day and her siblings adore her. My dad, brother Tyler, and brother Collin brought the kids down to meet their new sister shortly after I had her.  They were so excited to meet her and Bailey jumped right up on the hospital bed to introduce herself to her new little sister. Bentley and Wyatt quickly lost interest but still wanted to hold her and welcome her. My mom and Heidi enjoyed being able to be there, and Heidi said it was such a neat experience and crazy how these little ones come into the world. I want to thank my wonderful sister in law Jessica for watching the three kids most of the day, and to my dad and grandma Curtis for caring for them the other half so that we didn't have to worry about them. I am grateful my Best Friend Jade got to come meet sophia and visit at the hospital, and also my cousin Brooke, aunt Deb, and grandma and grandpa Curtis. She is loved and we are so lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends and family. I have been so blessed with visitors, meals brought in, and well wishes. I want to especially thank my mom for all her extra help and love. Sophia has continued to be a wonderful baby and she is growing each day. We wish we could freeze time but also enjoy all the fun milestones. My heart could burst at the love I have for this family of mine and I am grateful for the amazing blessing to be their mom!

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