Saturday, November 01, 2014

Heber Cabin

During fall break we were able to escape the heat and head North to Heber! My moms family has a cabin up there and I have created several memories there as a child and now get to with my family! We met my mom, Heidi, Collin, and Chads family there. It was fun to celebrate my nephew Bowens first birthday with him. He is adorable and the sweetest baby! The kids were in heaven getting to play all day with their cousins and have sleep overs at night!We built a fort and when I say we I mean Chad mostly because he got it all started! The kids loved looking for the perfect sticks and flowers to add to the outside. While building the fort we discovered some fun wildlife that the kids were able to catch and hold captive for awhile. There was lizzy the lizard snake, fuzzy the black caterpillar, and hairy the tarantula. Jon taught the kids how to chop wood, and shoot the bb gun. Chad had brought his quad and the kids had funny taking rides on that as well. One of the nights Jon built a fire and we all roasted marshmallows with rolos inside. Super yummy! The kids got pretty sticky so after that was bath time, scriptures, prayer, then bed. I loved being with my family and extended family and appreciate the time we get to spend together on trips like this visiting and hanging out. Being up in the mountains, with the fresh air, and pine trees is always so peaceful and calming. We need to make the trip more often! The kids had fun exploring, hiking, playing in the sand and dirt, and swinging on the tree swings! They also enjoyed playing hide and go seek in the cabin.

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