Friday, May 31, 2013


Well the summer has officially begun for us. The temps are in the 100's and next week it will be about 110 degrees. A lot has happened in May. First our month started out with celebrating my dads 55th birthday. What a mile stone! I asked him what his favorite birthday ever was and he said when he turned twelve:) We all gathered to celebrate with food, and cake. Next up was mothers day. Jon took me to dinner and a movie without the kids the night before. At church the next morning I was able to see Bentley sing mothers day songs with the other primary kids. This made my heart flutter with joy and he did such a great job. There is nothing better then hearing those sweet words coming from a child. After that we came home and I got a nap all to myself...this happens very rarely and was a much welcomed gift. When I woke up Jon was making a delicious meal of stuffed chicken with mushrooms and cheese, salad, and rice. Bentley also gave me a card he made at school and inside was a new kitchen sponge:) He was so excited to give it to me. Later that evening we went to my parents for dessert and to wish my mom a happy mothers day. I am blessed to have such an amazing mother and also to have so many other extraordinary women in my life. Bentley's preschool came to a close. I was more emotional than I thought I would be because he will not have the same teacher come August and I was having a hard time explaining to Bentley why he couldn't keep going to school and why Miss Mary would no longer be his teacher. I am so grateful for the wonderful teachers Bentley had working with him this year. He has a love for learning and they helped him learn and grow so much. Now that school is out for summer he asks me to play school at home. He is so much like me:) I am having a hard time keeping him busy and keeping the kids from getting on each others nerves. They play so well together, but sometimes they must just get bored and can't stop picking on one another. It drives me crazy sometimes. Although raising children can be overwhelming at times, I can't think of a better gift when I feel their love or when I see them learning. They are such a blessing and I am grateful to be challenged each day with their little spirits:) We have started swim lessons. I am so behind on doing this so this will be a first for us. Bentley was terrified the first day because I didn't bring his floaties but like always he did great. He really thrives in teacher/class settings. He has learned so much after just one week and we will keep doing it for three more weeks. Wyatt and Bailey cried the first three days because the water was so cold and it was new to them. My angel mother comes with me to the lessons and gets in the freezing cold water with either Bailey or Wyatt. Today they didn't cry once and I see them even becoming braver and learning more. I have been trying to get a good summer schedule down for my little family but we are still rearranging as of now. I used to go walking every morning and take them to a park, but with it getting so hot I might have to change that to just swimming every day. My back is still tender and whenever I try to work out or run it screams at me so I am trying to be careful with what I do. Hopefully one day I can get it strong again but for now I am limited on what activities I can do. I need to be better about stretching and making time for myself to work out but I have such a hard time letting other things go like spending time with kids/friends/family, cleaning, callings in church, etc. Jon is super busy at work and is doing a great job at multitasking. He leaves early and gets home usually by six. The kids love when he comes home and scream when he opens the door. Then they fight over who gets to hug and kiss him first. Wyatt started walking right around the 14 month mark and he is cruising now. I love watching a new baby walk. They are so cautious but so excited. Wyatt has quite the personality already and is the boss when it comes to playing with brother and sister. He has the biggest smile by far and gives them often. He has seven teeth and has been teething and trying to get the other ones in for what seems like forever. He loves when his brother and sister will play with him. My favorite is when I hear giggling from the other room and I going in to see bailey tickling him or playing a game with him. He is a very picky eater! He only eats hot dogs, mac n cheese, pancakes, toast, eggs, yogurt, grapes, cereal, and thats about it. I try to sneak him veggies at every meal and he just wont have any of them:( Hopefully he will eventually eat them because we need to get him eating healthier like his brother Bentley. He regularly says DaDa, Uh-oh, ba, and sometimes he will say mama. He loves to try on our shoes but does not love when I put shoes on his feet. He loves to snuggle and I just melt when he comes to me and pushes me knees apart so that he can get close to me and give me a big hug. He will scream and cry if I hold my knees together so he cant get to me... it is quite entertaining to watch. He loves to play outside and has started pushing trucks around. He has always been a big climber and will climb just about anything. He blows kisses and will lean in for a kiss if I ask him to. We just love our Wy guy! Bailey Bailey Bailey.... you are so sweet at times but can also be so stubborn and sassy. I think I was probably a lot like you. You think you know best and hate when I try to tell you otherwise. Bentley tries his best to help teach you "the rules" and gets frustrated when you don't quite understand. I have to remind him that you are a baby still and just learning like he had to when he was a baby. You love to go places and scream at the top of your lungs with excitement when I tell you we are going somewhere. You have this cute little shrug and smile you do when you want something. You love to wear "pretty things" and you love to get into moms makeup. You love dollies and playing house. You love to ride scooters with your big brother Bentley and you are quite good for your age. You love to swim although we had a scare with you and you jumped in the water when no one was looking. It was just for a split second but enough to scare both you and I for a lifetime. You are much more cautious around water now which is a good thing and mommy is extra careful when we are around water now. You are your daddy's girl and would much rather hang with him than me. When he is home you want him to help you and we often hear you yelling DaaaaaaaaDaaaaaaaaaaaa! You are beautiful and have a cute little frame. You like to sing and dance and I love when I catch you quietly singing to yourself. I also love that you like to walk on your tippy toes and I think you will make a great dancer one day. Last but not least you are a tease like your dad and you love to make your brothers scream. You are our princess and we love you so much. Bentley is a smarty. He is such a thinker and asks so many questions. I try not to become annoyed and answer them as best I can but sometimes I just have to say stop asking questions. He loves a classroom setting and really learned so much this year. His teachers told me he was always an example of following the rules and one of the smartest boys in class. They said they were so proud of the progress he has made and that they will miss him. Bentley is not very imaginative and so he often asks to practice writing his letters, ride his scooter, or play the wii(which he is very good at). I cant get him to get his toys out to play unless he has a friend over. I try to just urge him to get his toys out but I think he just would rather do something else. He does like to play the piano and I often can hear him playing a few keys and singing one of the songs he knows. It is so cute! It helps to have Bailey as a play mate when they can agree on what toys to play with and not argue over them. Bentley wants to grow up. He often asks me why he is still four and why he hasn't turned five yet. He can be so silly and covers his face and sticks his bum out when he's trying to make us laugh. He is such a good big brother and helps me out so much. If all my kids could be like him I would have 10:) But I know thats not the way god intended life to be and I know that I can learn somethings different from each child to make me a better mother and person. Bentley often cheers me up if I am having a rough day with his hugs or a sweet comment. I am so grateful for my benny boo. Practicing letters and teaching Bailey. Bentley's school program My mom with the kids swinging. All my kids light up when they see their grandma Singing Happy Birthday to my dad Bentley has a new game he loves to play. It is actually for older people but he has caught on quickly and is pretty good. It is called Blokus I am a Laurel Advisor in my ward and work with the youth in my church. These pics are from a hike we went on to the wind caves. It was beautiful and good to get out in nature! My dad was so nice and gave Jon and I sweet tickets to the Diamondbacks baseball game. We took Bentley and my brother Collin with us. It was a blast. We went under the dug out and crossed paths with some of the team and they tossed Collin and Bentley a baseball each. We were invited to our good friend Kristen and Garrett Fullers little boy Wes's birthday party. It was ninja turtle themed and Kristen did such a great job with the decor. She even made sugar cookies look like little pizza's and put them in the iconic ninja turtles pizza boxes. They have a splash pad in their back yard and the kids had a blast playing with friends. I was able to celebrate my good friend Courtney who graduated from ASU! Im not sure if I was allowed to take these pictures but I just couldn't help myself. Bentley did such a great job singing in his primary program for mothers day! Jon swinging with the kiddos on Mothers day! They adore their daddy! Me and my momma on Mothers Day! She really is the best! Playing pirates in our dress up clothes:) Swimming with cousins. Wyatt and Trey with grandma Wyatt wanted to try on grandpa's sunglasses. He looked like the teminator:) petting the horses at one of our favorite spots, Princess Park. Practicing letters yet again. He really does have very nice handwriting. Making cookies with momma. They all wanted to help and I couldn't say no:) Visiting Collins school to see him presented with a citizenship award. They student body all cheered when the principal called Collins name. He pumped his fists in the air as he walked up to get the award. It was so fun to see and be there to support him. We love the Fountain Hills splash pad. It was big and is surrounded by such a beautiful lake and area. breath taking sunset in Michael and Ambers back yard. We went to wish Taters a Happy 7th Birthday!

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