Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jons birthday and other April fun!

My sister Heidi turned 16 on the 16th of April so we decorated her classroom at school and threw her a surprise party with some of her friends. We love you Heidi and are so proud of who you are! My beautiful and sassy bailey girl! Backyard shenanigans Gilbert Splash pad with our best friends Shaley and Lucy These three sweet kids love making me pretend food from their play house and I love it! Jons Birthday festivities. First we went to a spinato's pizzeria with my parents for Jon's birthday lunch. We also celebrated by making him one of his favorites, angel food cake with lemon creme icing and strawberries. Later Jon and I went to the cheesecake factory and enjoyed a delicious meal with yummy cheesecake for dessert ( another one of Jons favorites ). The best part is we got to enjoy the meal kid free no distractions :) 31 looks good on you! We love you babe and are so grateful for you! Saying good bye to our good friends the Madsens. We will miss this great family but are excited for them to start a new chapter in their lives of PA school in Oregon. Lucy and our kids having one last dance party. Thank goodness for modern technology so that we can chat and not seem to far:) Experimenting with Wyatts naps and trying to put him down after lunch... He was not happy and fell asleep in his chair moments later. I guess we will keep the morning nap for now silly boy. Bentley got this big blow up ball for his birthday and the kids love rolling around inside it and jumping from the slide on top of it. It was a great buy because it gives them hours of fun:) Wyatt loves opening and closing any door he can get his hands on. Helping daddy replace the fire alarm batteries. We are never short of help and these kids are glad to give it. Playing in the garage trying to decide who gets to drive/ride what is always a dilemma! My sweet sleepy boy after his nap A fun family home evening we had with the kids. Jon talked about putting on the armor of god and the kids attention was on him the whole time. FHE miracle!

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