Friday, July 19, 2013

June festivities, and activities

The end of May, and the month of June flew by! We had fun celebrating the holidays, birthdays, and fathers day! I am so lucky to have such a loving father that is willing to do anything for us kids. He has taught me to work hard, gain an education, and to serve others. I am also very lucky to have such a kind, fun, loving father in Jon for my kids. They adore him and get so excited when he is able to spend time with them. My dear angel mother had a birthday, my grandma Curtis had a birthday, and my brother Kevin had a birthday! I keep telling my mom we should celebrate everyones birthdays by month. With a big family like our is seems like we are always throwing a party and eating cake:) I guess i shouldn't complain! We have been so busy and I have started working at least once a week which makes life even crazier. The kids seem to be really defiant lately and I am not sure why! Hopefully it is just a phase. Wyatt has started climbing out of his crib and it has become very difficult to put him down to sleep. I was up twice last night searching for him in the dark because he had gotten out of his crib and was wandering the house. Bailey is super clingy, and Bentley hasn't been is normal cheery self. As a mom it is difficult to see these changes but i know that all will be well if I rely on the lord to help me. Wyatt is a big boy and a lot of the time he is beating up on Bailey or Bentley and stealing toys from them. He has all his first molars in and is trying to communicate more through words. Even though he can be rough he can also be very cuddly and loving. He has a smile that melts my heart and eyes that light up any room. He tries so hard to keep up with the older kids. He loves animals and he loves eating dirt. He loves to swim and is very scary because he will just keep diving under water and failing his arms to try and swim. He has learned a lot with swimming but still has a long way. I am trying to get him to just take one nap a day but it is very difficult because he gets so cranky when I try to keep him up. Bailey thinks she doesn't have to listen to a word I have said. She tests me and tries my patience everyday, but thats ok because I know she loves me anyway and the good far out ways the bad. She is fun loving, and always on the go. She loves to play the piano for me and sing. She also loves to dance like a princess and play with her baby dolls. She won't ever name her baby dolls and gets mad if I ever suggest a name. She is talking so much better, but still uses an H in place of W most times. She loves to practice her swimming and kicking. She and Bentley love to race on their scooters together and play hide and seek. They love to color and create art. Bentley is growing up too fast. He for the most part is extremely sweet and a good listener. As of late though he has had days where he is super grouchy and I can't figure out why. It is so frustrating to not know how to help but I have to be patient. He is very literal and is a good memorizer. He will say something I have said the day before, word for word the next day. He likes to do what is right and is crushed when he feels like he has done something wrong. He is so good to his brother and sister and is always sharing with them. He loves to read new books, play new games on the I pad or Wii, and race his scooter. He has also become a very good swimmer and jumps of the diving board. 

Wyatt at the BBQ and Swim party we had for Memorial Day!
 The kids enjoying their suckers
 Bentley and Bailey painting a craft
 Eating at Arby's while the car was getting an oil change
 My brother Kevin had a birthday May 31st. Glad we were able to celebrate with him.
Wyatt loved swinging at this park/splash pad
 Celebrating with their second cousin Nolan for his 3rd Birthday
 Bailey and Wyatt were excited for their cupcake
 Family outing to the Rhodes swim pool/splash pad/ flow rider. The kids had a blast and they had pizza, shaved ice, and candy!
 Bentley loves corn on the cob
 Uncle Collin is always entertaining!
 Getting ready to go swim with cousins
 These cousins have a blast together!
 Eating at the Outback steakhouse. We went to see Man of Steel and then went to dinner with my dad for fathers day! It was fun to have most of my siblings there.
 All the girls took my mom to lunch at Gecko's Grill for her birthday!
 Singing Happy Birthday!
 Jon and the kids were visiting with his parents on video chat for fathers day!
 Trey and Bentley have a good time together
 I made my mom a rich chocolate cake for her birthday!
 The best mom and grandma anyone could ask for!
 My beautiful momma
 This was Heidi after she jumped on the floaty with all her clothes on and a chocolate dipped pretzel in her mouth. I was sure she would fall in, but she managed not to.
 I love when I am able to catch sweet moments like this one of Bailey asleep on Bentley's back.
 Holding the pictures Uncle Tyler drew for them on his mission in Melbourne, Australia.
 Being silly at breakfast.
 Bentley and Bailey at 4and a half and 2 and a half.
 These two love playing games together! Blokus is a favorite.

 Wyatt kept climbing in all the cars while we were shopping for a new family car. He was in heaven.
 Bentley and Bailey loved this big swing at the park
 The cupcakes I ordered for my moms birthday! They were delicious!

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