Thursday, April 18, 2013

MARCH 2013

Eating lunch on your little picnic table Daddy daughter date! Feeding the goats at the park Cheering Aunt Heidi on at her track meet Family bike ride Puppet show with socks:) Bentley and Bailey helping me vacuum Bentley being silly Bailey giving daddy hugs! Pictures from the Lehi days Rodeo: The new dog my parents got at the rodeo. His name is Rocky! my kids love play with him. Bailey's best friend Lucy! Playing house together. Feeding the ducks at the park! Jon and I surprised Bailey with two new little bunnies since she loved them so much at the rodeo... Well she loved them... too much... so we had to give them away after about a week of having them. She was really sad but we gave her some stuffed animal bunnies and doggies and that seemed to do the trick for now. Bailey is such an animal lover! We named them Pebbles and Roxy. I was also sad to see them go but I was so overwhelmed by keeping the kids away from them all the time and cleaning up messes that I just knew that we weren't going to be able to keep them. The Zoo with my cousin Jennifer and her boys Kyle and Nolan. We lucked out and got to see lots of the animals up close! The kids had a blast and Wyatt slept most of the time so it worked out well! Wyatt loves the bouncy horse and smiles and laughs when I let him up there:) Doggy sitting Rocky and playing in boxes:) Dental convention 2013. I loved having my dad and brother Chad there with me this year! We have been having trouble getting Bailey to go to sleep at night. We have tried everything!! Finally we got sick of fighting her so we just tried ignoring her and this is what happened...she fell asleep in the kitchen on the floor. It's like she wants to fall asleep as near to us as she can because we will find her asleep on her floor by the door too! Crazy little girl but we love her! Shopping and Splash pad fun with my friend Shaley and her daughter Lucy. Wyatt loving crawling all around the park hills and of course the table at home! Family bike ride to the park to play! Daddy jogged with the stroller, while mommy rode the bike with the bike trailer:) I let them stick their feet in and of course they ended up like this. Too cold to get in all the way! Wyatt playing in the play house. One of his favorite things to do! He will stand there and open and close the door while ringing the door bell! He also likes to sit at the little table! Water slide fun at Lucy's house Riding in the jeep. It scares me to think they will be driving before I know it! Bentley loves racing this little bike around the back yard My sassy/sweet princess Some pretty lilies Jon brought me home from one day:) Bailey got to hold this cute miniature yorkie/Chihuahua puppy that we saw at the park. She threw a fit when it was time to go! Bailey and Bentley at their friend Deans fun fourth birthday pary! can you guess the theme?.... Power Rangers! Backyard fun! Wyatt always climbs up the slide this way and the other kids like to slide down and knock him over. You would think he would cry but they all usually just start laughing! Best Friends Forever. Bailey and Lucy We also got to visit a dairy farm near us! The kids had so much fun! We got to pet and feed the animals, go for a hay ride, and eat delicious homemade icecream! We went with friends also so the kids played for awhile when we were done.