Thursday, December 27, 2012

Grandpa Anderson

Jons dad Eric came down again to Arizona to participate in trying to break a skydiving record down in Eloy Arizona. We had so much fun getting to see him again. The kids don't really know Jon's side of the family since they are so far from us, but they love getting to know them better. We were able to do a few fun things while Jon's dad Eric was down. We went to see him sky dive, saw christmas lights, and enjoyed the nice weather outside!
I love when these three will play together!
 They all love to swing so we have to improvise to get them swinging all at once:)

 Bentley and Bailey reading books in their nursery at church!
 wyatt standing for the first time by himself and showing off for Grandpa Anderson
 Meeting Santa! Bailey is the one to the left stealing candy from santa's basket!

 Outside enjoying the nice weather

 On our way to watch Grandpa Anderson Skydive! Had to stop for donuts:)
 The planes and formation about 120 people jumped out of!
 The Geometric shaped they made...
 Shooting away from the group so the can open their parachutes without getting tangled...
 Floating down from the sky...
 Landing safely back on solid ground...
 Glad he made it back! Bentley loved watching and thought it was so cool! He even asked if he could do it when he was older. I told him no but we will see what he chooses:)

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