Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Its finally fall, I think...

We have been very busy this last month! We moved into a bigger home with a bigger backyard. While the moving part is the worst thing in the world and almost killed me:), the latter definitely has been enjoyable! Bailey and Bentley no longer share a room which I think they have a love/hate relationship with. They love having their own space overall but I know that Bentley misses having his buddy to chat with and bailey misses being able to jump all over Bentley to wake him up. The backyard has room for the kids to ride bikes, push toy trucks, play soccer in the grass(turf), play in their tree house, and play in their playhouse with kitchen. With the weather cooling off and the big trees shading our yard we have been enjoying the fall ( if you can call 90 degree weather fall). The only thing that has ruined all our fun is that the flu bug went through our family right after we moved in. First Bailey, then Wyatt, and me. Somehow Jon and Bentley didn't get it... yet (fingers crossed) I have never felt so worn out! I was getting no sleep while taking care of the babies round the clock and my body was feeling it. We are on the mend and excited to start really enjoying this holiday season and preparing for halloween. The kids are so excited to go trick or treating and are going to be pirates. They love that show on Disney called Jake and the Neverland Pirates so they can't stop talking about it. Bentley is thriving in school and learning so much. I am so proud of him and all that he is doing. He comes home with new art projects most days and always has a smile on his face. This week he starts show and tell. When I asked him what he wanted to share with his class he said "Jesus Christ". I thought that was sweet and a very good idea, but for now I helped him choose a topic he could talk about easier and that was his Thomas the Train book. He loves to be social now, and always wants a play date if he is not at school or nursery. He is talking my ears off these days and always has the cutest/funniest things to say. Bailey is still my trouble maker. If I am not paying full attention to her, she will go play in the bathroom sink, get out all the dvd's, climb to dangerous heights,ect. She is however still a sweetheart along with some sass. She loves music, dancing, and I have even got her singing a little. She loves to put on makeup with mom, comb her hair, paint her nails, and play with her dollies. She will swaddle them up, feed them, and put them to sleep. Her hair is lightening up and is get really long. It is still curly which I love and she has the most beautiful big pouty red lips. She is also starting to sound out words and talk a lot more. She has her daddy wrapped around her finger and always gets her way with him. Wyatt has grown a ton. I feel like I blinked and he grew up. He is 7 months now and weighs 18 lbs, and is 28 inches long. He has very light skin, walnut brown hair, a big wing span, and is solid. Everyone always comments on how big he is. I agree and think he will be bigger than Bentley but we will see. He is the sweetest baby and has very flirty blue eyes. He will stare at you until you look at him and he loves to play peek-a-boo. He always has big smiles to give and is starting to move around quite a bit on the floor to reach his toys. He is teething but no teeth yet. He eats baby food, and always squints his eyes when I feed him, like it is sour. He has his mommy wrapped around his finger and knows how to make me smile. He loves to jump in his exersaucer, sit in his bumbo looking outside, watch the kids and dog play around him, and be outside. We love these three angels and cant wait to see what else life brings our way. Happy Fall At the Jump street with kids. They had so much fun with dad jumping around.
Our three cute kiddos. Things are crazy but we couldn't feel more blessed!
The guys hanging out watching tv. Wyatt has the best smile!
Me and Bailey at the duck pond by Bentley's soccer game.
My handsome baby boy wyatt
My smart and sweet Bentley boy!
This girl is always teasing Cooper!
Brothers are the best!
Just playing in the rain.
Waiting for the bus. Bailey loves to wave by to Bentley until the bus is gone.
These two have been playing a lot more together and it is so fun to watch them laugh.
Wyatt loves to watch the commotion going on around him
My sweet, beautiful mother took me to go see the Broadway play Les miserables. It was Amazing and the music out of this world.
Sharing ice cream with Bailey girl. This one loves her sweets.
My smiley little guy!
What a beauty. I love her big eyes and pouty lips. She loves playing with her dollies and pushing them in her baby stroller. it is so funny to me how girls just naturally know how to nurture.
School picture day. We still haven't got them back so we will see if he smiled for them....
Bailey loves her room in our new home. When we showed it to her for the first time, she ran and jumped on her bed and snuggled herself in the pillows with a big smile.
Bailey loves to do whatever I am doing so of course she wanted her toe nails painted.
I thought Bailey was asleep in her room but when I came out to the family room she was all curled up on the floor. I was so surprised to find her there I jumped.
Playing at the San Tan outdoor mall
Bentley loved playing with all the kids after his soccer game.
Bailey loves this little tree house in our new backyard
Having fun playing tag in the backyard.
Our princess
These two love racing around whether it be on foot or bikes. They also love playing hide and seek, tag, and soccer.
Pose 1 from her silly dance she was showing me..
Pose 2.....
Pose 3... Isn't she the cutest. She really is a good dancer and gets her arms and legs going in rhythm. She also likes to sing. We may have a performer:)
Bentley plays soccer and hockey in this net. He loves when I will play a game with him.

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Rachel Hagen said...

your kids are so beautiful. that pic of you and bailey is gorgeous! such pretty girls.