Sunday, November 11, 2012

October festivities and Halloween 2012

We are so excited that it is fall! The weather has started cooling off and we are able to go outside for walks, hikes, and to play at the park with out dying of heat! Sadly Wyatt, Bailey, and I were sick for most of October though. Right after we moved into our new house the flu struck and then bronchitis with a vengeance:( It was awful because it's one thing when your kids get sick but a whole other problem when mom is sick too! Somehow Bentley and Jon were able to escape the sickness so I am thankful for that. We enjoyed some festivities by visiting the Pumpkin Patch, frosting sugar cookies, picking out our Fall pumpkin, and enjoying friends and family! We were lucky to have my friend kelsey's family over as well and it was so fun to catch up with her and her cute family of four! The kids had a blast, the babies were cruising around, and the adults were actually able to visit:) Halloween night we dressed the kids up as their favorite TV characters from Jake and the Neverland pirates! They all looked adorable. We took them to my moms ward Halloween party and then walked them around her neighborhood to go trick or treating. We didn't last too long because Bentley and Bailey kept running off. After losing Bentley and Bailey we decided to call it a night. They were having so much fun that they couldn't get to the next house fast enough. Some of the neighbors are so creative and spoil us parents. They had fire pits to cook smores, another house had Pina colada drinks for us that were so delicious, and some houses were even giving out King size candy bars that Jon devoured before we even got home:) It's so funny how kids are all so different...Bailey wanted to eat each piece as she got it and Bentley liked to put it in his bucket and see how full it was getting. Wyatt enjoyed just being out for a walk and dosed off along the way. The kids had fun playing games, eating chili, dancing, and playing with other kids. Bailey scared us by choking on a Dots candy(if you know what they are, they are the perfect size to choke on) so that was also scary but she is ok and we will no longer be allowing Dots at our house! Overall Halloween was a success and I am sure with time flying the way it is, it will be here again before we know it! These five pictures are of Bentley, our pumpkin we never carved:(, and the many cute faces Wyatt makes.
These five pictures are of the kids playing fun carnival booth games
These five pictures are of our sugar cookie decorating! Bailey and Bentley actually did really well creating different frosting and sprinkle masterpieces!

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