Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Newport Beach 2012

We love what has become our annual Newport Beach trip! It is a lot of work to take three little ones to the beach but the memories made are well worth the trip. A big thank you to my parents who make the trip possible for us all to go and be under one roof (: As soon as we got there on Friday we got settled into our room and headed to the beach. For dinner we walked down the board walk and ate at the original pizza place down by the pier. The kids loved the white chicken pizza and ate every last bite. A fun surprise was to have my brother Kevin there whom we haven't seen in while. It was so good to catch up. The next day we were up bright and early so Jon decided to take a jog with the older two to get seaside donuts... our fave:) The weather was picture perfect. Once everyone else was up (three hours later) we all headed to the beach. It was so fun because this year Bentley loved it and didn't get extremely dirty as in years past. Bailey on the other hand had sand baths every day and ended up with sand in her mouth almost every time we came in from the beach. They both loved searching for sand crabs and treasures as well as building sand castles. They also loved running at the waves and then running away. That night Jon and I were in charge of dinner so we made fiesta crockpot chicken. We washed the babies and put the kids to bed, then the adults stayed up and had fun playing games or visiting. The next day we headed to church and then after we went to a fun park for a picnic. We played volleyball, baseball, and some even had naps. Bailey loved playing on the playground and Bentley loved running around with all his cousins. My cousin Caleb brought his really cool souped up remote control car and everyone had a blast watching it race around and jump the hills. The rest of the week we played at the beach, ate at all our favorite food joints, people watched, went to a movie, went shopping, rode bikes (very interesting looks we got with our three small kids), and enjoyed great company! Wyatt actually slept better there then he does at home. It was Bailey who would climb out of her crib and come jump on us when she got up so early. Bentley was in heaven having so many kids to play with and so many things to do. The kids would draw chalk, ride bikes, throw balls, ect. The week passed much to quickly and before we knew it we were headed home. Jon and I decided since we had passes we would stop by sea world on the way home. The kids had a blast seeing all the animals and playing in the kids area. But after a few ours we were ready to get on the rode and head home. We will miss the beach but have all our fun memories to think back on. Headed on a walk to the pier. Thats Bentley on his yellow and blue bike way ahead.
Our group
Cousin Belle giving Bailey a ride on her cool double bike.
Bentley and Daddy. Poor kid got an in grown toenail the first day of the trip and he never has those.
Bailey loved this shovel and digging in the sand. Her classic cheesy smile.
Wyatt enjoying the ocean breeze at 3mos.
Cousin Trey keeping Wyatt company in their bumbos.
Wyatt loved watching the waves and kids play.
Bailey taking her daily sand bath.
Busy body. Always had to have her sippy cup with her even though it was covered in sand.
Jon getting in some good beach frisbee.
collin building a sand castle
Bentley played in the sand for hours with his cousins and uncle collin
Heidi and her friend Kennedy playing in the ocean.
Bentley waiting for the waves to chase him!
Most of the kids building sand castles
Mommy and her princess
Kevin with Wyatt. He hadn't met him before the trip and couldn't get over how much hair he had.
Wyatt all ready for church
Bailey girl stealing her brothers bumbo. Between she and her cousin Julz the were always trying to climb into the babies swings and seats.
Sweet boys J, Bentley, Trey, and Wyatt
Wyatt watching cartoons with his cousin Trey
Bentley shoving his mouth full of powdered donuts.
Heidi riding the park toys with Bailey
Corina and her two girls Mckenna and chelsea
Chad, Kelsey, and Jess enjoying the nice weather
J playing on the playground
The older boys Colton and Caleb were so good to let Bentley tag along with them.
Bentley boy loved being outside Corina and her son Colton
Bailey loving the playground
she is so strong and can hold her self up like this for quite a while.
This girl loves the slides
My sweet angel Wyatt boy! He looks like he is embarrassed I am taking this picture.
Rex and Colby
Playing some volleyball
good old baseball!
Jon up to bat!
The kids had so much fun
Julz and Bailey
Colby and Bailey being funny
Bailey, Julz, and Colby all about 18 mos.
group pic
silly faces
Our Family minus Bentley because he fell asleep
Corina and her kids
Heidi and Kennedy at the Newport Beach temple
Wyatt loved chillin in his bouncer at the beach.
Julz enjoying Bailey's pink chair. At least someone got use out of it!
Beach Babe!
My handsome boys
Mckenna and Colton helping the kids build an awesome castle
Belle and Rex
Kevin playing some beach football
my cute Wyatt boy
Bailey getting her first hair cut by aunt Kelsey
Bentley wanted me to take a picture of him drinking out of a big boy cup:)
Bailey did so well while she got some of her beautiful curls chopped off.
Wyatt getting his first haircut by aunt Kelsey at 3 months.

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