Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bentley(2 1/2) and Bailey(7mos.)

Bailey is loving being able to army crawl and get to her toys!
Bentley was showing my friend Carli's baby Julianne his horse Lucky
Bentley kept trying to hug Julianne but she kept trying to crawl away. She gave him kisses though so it made up for the playing hard to get. haha
It was so fun having Carli and Julianne over before they moved to California. We will miss them. Both my kids loved playing with Julianne. Every time she would make a sound, Bailey would start laughing and smiling at her.
Bailey loves meal time. She is eating all sorts of foods now.
Bentley likes to tell me over and over when Bailey has spilled.
Love those baby blues!
Her smiles are contagious!
Bentley with his pal Lucky
Bailey freezes when I point the camera at her these days. She loves phones and camera's

Bentley has become quite the character. He loves to learn his ABC's and watch movies.

My two cute kids.
I am trying to teach Bentley to share with Bailey. It is quite the task!

My sweet boy!

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