Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Farewell Elder Tyler Curtis!

My brother Tyler was called to the Melbourne, Australia mission and left to the MTC this morning. I am so proud of him that he has chosen to dedicate the next two years of his life to sharing the gospel for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is so special to all of us and has been such a great help to me and my family. Bentley and Bailey adore Uncle "Tyer" and he will definitely be missed. I am so thankful for the great example he is setting for my family. I do however think he is going to the best mission out there. I have always wanted to visit Australia and think it is such a neat place with such a great culture. I can't wait for pictures! Here are a few pics I took after Tyler was set apart. President Ostler gave Tyler such a neat blessing and visited with the family.

Bailey June! She is so proud of herself now that she can crawl and sit up by herself!

Collin Rubbing Tylers Head for good luck. Tyler is Collins best bud!
Those who were able to be at the setting apart
The newest Elder
Doesn't he look sharp
Michael, Tyler and my mom
Me and the kids with Uncle Tyler
Tyler and Heidi. She will be sixteen when he gets back. He told her she was not able to drive his truck(:
Tyler and Grandpa West
Kevin and Tyler
My parents with Tyler
Grandma Curtis and Collin with Tyler
Kyle and Kelsey with Tyler. When Tyler comes back Kelsey and Kyle will have a one and a half year old!

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