Thursday, July 01, 2010

Too Busy!

It's been two months since my last post and I keep telling myself that I am too busy to blog but I decided I need to at least write a few things for memory sake. Jon started a Pest Control business in San Diego back in April. He has been extremely busy but is doing great! We miss him so much and try to visit as often as possible which means only about once a month. I work about three days a week and have been busy keeping track of Bentley. He misses his dad so much when we go see him and then have to come back. I have moved too many times for summer sales and even though this has been hard, I feel it wouldn't be any easier to live out in San Diego when I wouldn't get to see Jon too much anyway because he is so busy running his business and making sales.
Bentley is learning so much and is such a fun little boy to watch. He is so curious and is always on the go. Everyone that sees him says " look at him, he just keeps himself so busy moving from toy to toy or playing out in the backyard". He has always had a loud high pitch scream but displays it more often lately when he wants something. I am trying to get him to say words so that he doesn't have to scream or whine for what he wants. He says MaMa, Cheeeese, BaBa, and a few other things.He is also starting to understand me when I ask him to go get something or put something away.His favorite book to read is Old McDonald had a farm sing along. He brings it to me all the time and wants to read it. He loves his soft blue blankie and is becoming quite attached; luckily I dont' have to bring it in the car with us though! He loves to play catch and shoot hoops with Collin and his cousins. He will drag a bat over to me and want me to pitch to him. He has an infectious laugh and an adorable smile that melts me everytime. He gives me big kisses and snuggles too! Something funny I've noticed that he does is when anyone has skin showing whether it be baby or adult he will try to lay his cheek on there skin. It is very weird but he looks so cute doing it. He is currently getting his canines in and that has been miserable but I hope teething doesn't last for to much longer.
We are enjoying spending time with family and friends this summer but we can't wait until Jon comes to be with us again.
Some fun pics of Benltey in the pool.

Tyler taking Benltey down the slide. He screamed at first but really has fun with it now.

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Jen West said...

Cute! I am glad for the update. I can imagine it must be hard with Jon in SD, but you are sure being a trooper :) Love you!