Thursday, May 06, 2010

Jons Birthday!

For Jons birthday this year Bentley and I went to spend the weekend with him in SanDiego. We had a picnic on the beach and the boys had fun playing in the cold waves. Actually Bentley hated the cold water but Jon was determined to get in. After that we went home and i made Hawaain Haystacks for dinner and we sang happy birthday to Jon. He is such a hardworking husband and never complains, he is kind to everyone he meets, and he is such a great dad. We love and miss you Jon.
The birthday boy!

I got Jon his favorite Cold stone Creamery Cookie Dough cake.

Bentley is flying. Jon was having fun throwing him up high and Bentley couldn't stop laughing.

My two boys enjoying the ocean.

My parents gave Jon somes shoes he really liked. I gave him a Garmin for his car so he doesn't get lost.

Opening presents


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Jon! 28. you're so old.

Nielsens said...

happy birthday jon! im glad you all got to be together for the birthday!

Jen West said...

Is Jon still in CA? Your visit there looks like it was so fun :)