Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hello Kitty Extravaganza!

For my niece Annabelle's 3rd birthday party she kept saying she wanted a Hello Kitty Party. She absolutely loves this character so her parents gave her nothing short of an awesome party. We all had fun decorating and preparing because we knew how excited she was. My sister in-law Jessica lost her camera so I captured quite a bit of the party for them. We had so much fun with a huge hello kitty pinata. My brother Chad filled it to the brim with candy so each kid went home with a gigantic bag full. They played on a fun blow up water slide and went swimming in the pool. The kids also played pin the bow on hello kitty. She received lots of cute gifts, many of which were hello kitty themed. She got a new hello kitty bike and kitchen set as well. Annabelle was so cute the entire time and loved every bit of her party all the way down to her hello kitty cake. Here are some pictures.
Bentley loved having all the kids here but he also gets shy and takes awhile to warm up to everyone. He love hitting the pinata and eating the yummy confetti cupcakes!

Her hello kitty balloon was almost as big as she was.

Benltey had to have a turn on the hello kitty bike too of course

The birthday girl riding her new bike. she is wearing the hello kitty helmet and knee pads we got her too!

The kids pinning the bows on hello kitty

Bentley wouldn't go near the slide until it was quiet and deflated.

The birthday princess opening her presents

My mom, Annabelle, and Heidi posing for the camera with their hello kitty tattoo's

Benltey and I after the pinata madness.

Bentley taking some great swings at the pinata.

All the kids lined up and ready to hit the pinata

Thoroughly enjoying his cupcake

Annabelle about to blow out the candles on her hello kitty cake.

Annabelle was so suprised when she walked in. It was so fun!

The Hello Kitty welcome sign

Brody, Tate, and Collin playing on the water slide.

Annabelle's hello kitty balloons

Bentley trying to take a swing at the pinata already!

The birthday present tree!

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Anonymous said...

Where did you find that cute bike. I'm doing a hello kitty party for my little girl who is turning 3 at the end of january.