Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wicked 2009

My mom took me and my sister Heidi to go see the broadway Wicked. We went with my relatives Dani, Jeanie, and Dee as well. We had so much fun going to lunch at Mimi's and then seeing the play. My mom and I saw it while last summer out in New York and it was fun to see the differences in acting. We liked the Elphaba better in New York and the Ga-linda out here better. I had such a nice time with my mom and sister. My mom even got Heidi and I matching Oz shirts.

Last weekend Bentley and I also went Camping again with my family. My moms side has a huge reunion up in Heber every year. Even though Jon couldn't be there I had so much fun visiting with cousins, playing games, participating in the events, and eating great food. I loved this one relay me, my mom, Amber, and my cousin Julianne did. We were losing because my feet came out of the ropes holding them to the boards so Amber and Julianne started pushing the other team off theirs so we could catch up. We didn't win but we had a blast. I will have pics soon. The few I have are from Amber. Thanks(:

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HomeschoolRulz3 said...

Kristi and Jon,

We are wondering if you still have a number for the guys who did our patios? They didn't do ours right and it has sank and crumbled. Yours looks okay. Thanks, Teresa and Rick