Tuesday, July 07, 2009


My friend Brittany and I were able to spend some time together while we were in California and sadly this was the only pic I got of us together. She is such a wonderful person and her kindness and understanding attitude always amaze's me.

Bentley trying on his uncles hat.

Help! I got caught in the sheets while mom was making the bed.

Bentley and Parker

Bentley and I got to go meet with friends at Oregano's! That is one of my favorite places and I love to catch up with my friends I haven't seen in awhile. Carli, Rachel, melanie, Jade, Amy, Christy, and I decided it had been too long since we have got together. It was fun seeing everyone and Bentley always loves to visit with Parker (Rachels son).


Rachel Miller said...

Lunch was so fun! And Parker always loves seeing Bentley too! I love that our cute boys are only a week apart! You can really tell Bentley is sooo long in the pic of him in your sheets! Just think...he's going to have an advantage in sports!

Julie Anne said...

Where did you guys get your carseat covers they are sooooooo cute! I'll have to get one of those the next time around.

Ry and Britt Devine said...

Love the picture of us. It turned out better than I thought it would considering it was taken from a phone. I love you girl and I am grateful for your friendship. Give Bentley a big hug and kiss from me.

Chad said...

How fun. I miss being able to do that.
the pictures at the lake are so pretty. I didn't realize you had such a great camera. Now I really want one. i'm excited to see you again soon.
love jess