Saturday, March 28, 2009

Six weeks and visitors!

Chad, Jessica, and Annabelle came to visit us. We felt so special(: They came towards the end of the week when my other family was still here and we had a blast. Chad went snowboarding with everyone and we celebrated Tylers birthday that Saturday. He turned the big 17. I can't believe how tall he is getting. He went on a date that night so we just ate his cupcakes without him. After my family left Sunday we took Bentley to church for the first time and listened to stake conference. Elder Holland gave a great talk to the youth and parents about giving our all! It was amazing to hear him speak. We went with Chad and Jess to Tucanos restaurant on Monday and they say it is one of their favorites now. The rest of the week we just hung out, relaxed and enjoyed eachothers company. Chad broke out the dutch oven and they made us a delicious dessert. Annabelle was so good with Bentley. She will be a great big sister. Anytime Bentley cried she would bring me his pacifier, blanket, and even a diaper. She is so cute. Thanks so much for coming to see us. We already miss youguys.
Bentley loves to visit. He acts like he is talking to you when he moves his mouth and coo's. It melts my heart when he flashes his cute big smile at me and bats his big blue eyes. He likes to help hold his bottle when we feed him and he even started watching baby einstein videos when annabelle was here.
Hope everyone is well.

Me and my boy!

Photo shoot with Bentley and Cousin Belle!

Bentley just smiling away

Finshed product. yummy apple cobbler!!!!

Chad and Jessica by there delicious creation

Belle pushing her stroller

chad getting the coals ready tp put the dutch oven on

Annabelle, collin, and baby bentley hanging out!


Chad and Jess said...

Sorry Christi. We just left a long comment but it got erased. We sure do miss being there and we hope that you are doing okay taking care of Bentley. Give him a big kiss for us. We miss you!

Heidi said...

it sounds like you guys had sooo much fun that cobbler looks yummy.
i miss you guys and and Bentley soo much i miss holding bentley and his little smiles.
(it snowed right after we left:(

Ry and Britt Devine said...

Wowzers. Y'all have been so busy. The pictures are so cute. Don't ever apologize for "PICTURE OVERLOAD" we love the pics.

Miss you and love you girl!