Saturday, March 28, 2009

4 weeks and a visit to Arizona!

At four weeks old Jon had some business down in Arizona to attend to, so we packed up and headed down. I of course was so excited because this meant I could show Bentley to the rest of my family and friends. He had fun meeting everyone and loved the weather. It was so nice out compared to the cold Utah weather so we had a blast taking walks, swinging outside, and watching dad swim. Jon and I played catch, and had fun visiting with everyone. Bentley is growing so quickly and is starting to recognize us when we hold him. He smiles and coo's at us and is so active. He loves being outside and I could have guessed by the way he stares out windows when he's inside that he would be an outside boy.

Aunt heidi feeding you your bottle. She will make such a great babysitter if only we lived nearby(:

Cute cousin Rex. also known as duck feathers due to his light feathery hair. kyle of course came up with this nick name.

Grandma and Collin visiting with you.

Collin helping Jon and his friend Riley get some work done.(: He was so funny

Uncle Kevin was also great at calming you down.

Cousin Tate and my mom giving Bentley kisses. Bentley loves his grandma so much. She can even call and visit with him on the phone and he will start looking around the room for her. It is so cute.

Sweet Bentley

My Best Friend Jade came to visit and brought you a studly Hurley outfit. Thanks "Aunt" Jade.(: She also got engaged so Congratulations!

Cousin Brooke, Uncle Paul, and Aunt Deb came to visit you. You were so good for Brook when she held you just as long as we kept that pacifier in(: Thanks youguys for visiting.

Collin practicing his T-ball swing. Jon and my dad had fun teaching him and playing catch.

Uncle Kyle with Baby Bentley

Dad With Baby Bentley and Collin. Collin was licking the brownie spoon(:

Uncle Michael with Bentley. He could calm you down and put you to sleep instantly. He just had a special touch.

Aunt Heidi with Baby Bentley. She is so good with him.

Great Grandma Curtis with Baby Bentley. He was giving her precious smiles.


Amber said...

I was so excited when I saw that you unpdated your blog. Bentley is so cute. Hope everything is going good! Where did you find his blessing outfit?

Brooke said...

Thanks for putting the picture of Bentley and I. I can't wait for when you come in May!

Tim and Jennifer said...

Love the blessing outfit. Congrats to Jade!