Saturday, March 28, 2009

Five weeks and your Blessing Day!

After being in Arizona for a week we headed back up to Utah for Bentley's blessing day. My family drove up and Jons family drove down to be there. In addition we had Uncle Brad and his family, Cousin Curtis, Candace, Alli, and Brittany. (forgive me if I forgot anyone... it was a very hectic day.(: ) Thank you to everyone that came. We blessed him in our home so that everyone could be there. Just before the blessing I was trying to get him fed and changed so that he would be happy. Well this plan failed because I did something I never due and dumped half of Bentley's bottle down the drain after i was done pumping. I hate feeding him formula because I think it smells bad and I didn't want him to get it on his outfit. Anyways, I ended up feeding him formula but everyone was waiting on us so I quickly burped him and handed him to Jon. Well, he ended up crying the whole blessing. Regardless, Jon did such a great job and gave Bentley a beautiful blessing. I am so thankful for the priesthood in our home and I am thankful for a husband that is worthy to have it.
After his blessing we had a delicious meal. Thanks to everyone that helped bring something. Everything was so great. Bentley was passed around but towards the end of our gathering Jon was holding him and I noticed something dripping on his pants... yep you guessed it... Bentley pooped in his blessing outfit, down Jon's leg, and on to the floor. To make matters worse, Jon and I didn't get any pictures of him with us or by himself on his blessing day. We will have to take some and reinact that day for our memories sake. I will post them when I take them.
I just want to thank all those who made a special trip to come. You know who you are(:
The rest of the week we spent with my family having fun and hanging out. We enjoyed movies, bowling for tylers Birthday, going out to eat, fishing ( not so much... long story), snowbaording ( Jon tried it for the first time and did great except that he smacked his face and body into trees and bushes and scraped his face pretty bad), and playing in the snow. We miss and love youguys!

My mom with bentley boy

jons battle wounds from trying snowboarding

Enjoying the snow

Jon coming down the hill

Jon snowboarding for the first time. He i a skier so we finally got him to try it.

Jons Dad holding Bentley on his blessing day.

Jons Family with Bentley.

Photo Shoot with Bentley. My mom got him this adorable outfit and my friend Amy got him the cute hat. Sorry for the picture overload but believe it or not this is cutting it way down. He just looked so adorable. I especially love the ones of him smiling.


Julz said...

It sounds like it was a great day, poop and all!

Rachel Hagen said...

glad to hear everything went well. he looks so stinkin cute in that outfit... kind of like President Hinckley.

Heidi said...

I dont think i saw the picture of Benley smiley with his hat on THAT WAS SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!

Tim and Jennifer said...

Stop it! All of these adorable pictures are killing me. I want to hold him!! You look great and I love all of the little outfits. Makes me miss dressing KYle up. Now it's a battle to get him dressed.