Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kansas City 6/07

I know I know, Jon and I are way behind on our blog. We forgot our password for awhile and just didn't take time to sit down and figure out how to fix it. Anyway now that we have it set up again hopefully we will be posting more.

Jon and I Finished the school semester and both have a year left. Meanwhile we have moved to Kansas City and like many others are selling for Apx Alarms. We have loved doing this and have been able to meet many new friends from all over. I work at the Elephant Bar while Jon Manages a group of guys and goes out to sell security systems all day everyday except Sunday. It is a Tough job but Jon is such a hardworker and I am so proud of him. We recently got a new addition to our family. Nope no babies yet but a cute little yorkie maltese puppy. He keeps me entertained and he has the funnest personality ever. Jon suprised me with him when we first got out here and had him flown in from a breeder in Oklahoma. Isn' Jon so sweet. Everyone out here is so nice and friendly. Me and the wives have fun going shopping and to the pool as well. Sorry for the novel I just had to catch up.


Anonymous said...


I'm glad you are loving Missouri. Yesterday, Heidi, Hannah and I went to Grandma's to make burp cloths. Grandma showed the girls how to use a sewing machine. They did a good job. But after lunch the girls had ice cream and Hannah couldn't get the chocalte sauce out and Heidi said, "Do you want a real woman to do it?" I was laughing so hard. Hannah didn't hear what she said, so I had to tell her. I just had to tell you that.


Rachel said...

Christi. It's Rachel Decker (Hagen). Remember me old friend? The one that used your shoulder to cry on when I messed up my plane reservations. Anyway, your dog is so cute! Mick and I are dog shopping. We just fell in love with a Yorkie. I've never seen the yorkkie, maltese breed. It's really cute. Anyway, have fun in KS. My sis is out there. She says the humidity is something.