Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Best Friends

My best friend Jade came to visit me. She is so sweet. We went shopping, got pedicures, went out to eat, and went to the pool. We had so much fun. Thanks Jade! Lets just say Jon had a handful this week with mine and Jades shinanagins...


Tim and Jennifer Ray said...

So cute, I love the pictures and I am so glad to see you are wearing a headband. I'm jealous Jade got to go and see you. Cooper is so cute as well!

Amber said...

Looks like you and Jade had a ton of fun. How long did she get to visit?

Anderson Adventures said...

I wish you could come visit. I know it's the first headband I have owned. I still don't know how much I like wearing them. haha. Thank you

We did do lots since she was only here for 4 days. The boys look so cute and I can't believe tate is walking. I can't wait to come visit.

Chad and Jess said...

no fair we want pedicures too!!!!!WE love YOU!!! heidi and jessica

angela said...

hi christi! it's good to hear from you..!

to answer your question, the black/white swimsuit is from good 'ol Target and the red one is from Shade clothing online - they have some cute ones and so does ModBe clothing. it's hard for me to find tankinis that are long enough for my torso (i'm sure you can relate)

oh and you and jade are beautiful!