Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Crazy Weather!

The weather here has really suprised me. It will be sunny and nice outside one second then turn rainy and gray the next. I have never seen so much rain except for in D.C. It is so green and beautiful here though. I always see cute little wild bunnies and squirrels right outside my door playing in the tree's or under them.
When it is sunny the we play games at the pool before the boys go out. It is tons of fun. Here is a picture of the girls laying out and the boys playing some football game.

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Anonymous said...


The picture of Cooper and your foot, he blends in with your carpet. He is so cute though. Hey the guys in the pool, any of them single? Lol! Just kidding. I don't think I could handle a boyfriend. Too much drama. But it would be fun probably too.