Saturday, September 16, 2017

August 2017

August was a busy month. I feel very repetitive saying that but its true! I guess we are just in that time of our lives where things change but never really slow down. The kids Started School August 3rd and had meet the teacher two days before. I feel so blessed with the teachers they have this year! Everyone of them is someone I would hand pick to teach my kids. They feel loved, challenged, and are flourishing so far this school year! They have some fun class activities and learning challenges that they can look forward too. Wyatt got Mrs. Watts for Kindergarten who was Bailey's teacher last year. She is simply the sweetest! Bailey got Mrs. King, a very enthusiastic, kind, and compassionate teacher. Bentley got a Mrs. Jones, she won the teacher of the year award at the school and has lived up to her reputation. I am just so very thankful for the opportunity my children have learn and to attend schools close by. I am grateful for the teachers and other leaders who fight to give the kids the best education possible and even use some of their own money for higher learning opportunities. The kids have their strengths and weaknesses but the desire to learn is there and they are making me proud with their hard work! As a reward for reading over the summer Jon took the older kids to Sunsplash. It is one of their favorite places and they always have so much fun and can't wait to go back. The kids had a great first day and love getting to ride the bus with each other and their friends. It was kind of funny because we didn't even realize how many kids had moved into the neighborhood until the first day of school and we were all out waiting for the bus! It was a great way to get to know the new move ins and make new friendships. Sophia and I are still adjusting to having them all gone for most of the day. She misses her siblings and playmates. She is the best helper, errand runner, and buddy though and I am glad she is home with me. She is getting more and more independent and likes to try to tell me what we are doing or that she doesn't want to run errands, but overall she has been a champ. We have been able to also spend more time reading, coloring, painting, playing, and just spending more one on one time together. The new baby sister will be here soon and she is looking forward to that. The after school activities have also started. Bailey is in vocal performance, and gymnastics. She is loving both. Bentley is in Piano and Football! He is already excelling in both. Wyatt is playing football as well and it is a great way for him to play with friends and get some energy out! He was so excited when he scored a touchdown. Sophia also started a dance class one morning a week and she absolutely loves it. I love watching her determined face when the teaching is showing them a new move. Bentley started going to scouts every week and with all these extra activities I have found it hard to know when to have dinner. Hopefully I will get it all dialed in just in time for the baby to come. In other news, our pool we are building is almost done, Jon created a slip and slide for the kids the had a blast with, we attended a friends party where they had a mechanical bull Jon had fun on, and we got to celebrate family birthdays for Collin, Lucy, Jace, and Jessica! Last but not least our dear Heidi Ann left for China! We miss her terribly, but hope this will be an experience she never forgets. 

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