Friday, June 09, 2017

April Activities 2017

Bailey had a school Field trip too the Zoo. They made these cute Giraffe handprint shirts.

Jon along with all the scouts and other leaders threw our ward Easter Pancake breakfast and easter egg hunt!

Wyatt and Bentley love learning new skills in hockey.
 Love his smile and love for sports!

 I walked by one morning and saw this sweet Wyatt boy saying his morning prayers. It made my momma heart so happy!
Bailey had the sweetest kindergarten teacher this year! Mrs. Watts you are awesome!

Bailey did a diorama on the Peacock bird. She was so proud.
Easter Pageant meant even more this year as we felt the spirit testify that Christ lives and so does our Kevin and other family members who have passed.

Dental Convention with Dad.
Our neighborhood puts on the best activities!

Dinner with the girls and then to try the new kids play area called Urban Jungle! The boys were at a hockey game.

Bentley was lucky and got to go to the Harlem Globetrotters with Uncle Collin
Bathing Beauties

Bentley with his favorite Harlem Globetrotter

For a relief society activity we learned to make these darling easter cookies

Sophias first double braids.
celebrating our Heidi Ann turning the big 20! Geckos is always fun and delicious!

We took a quick trip out to the desert to play and ride motorcycles as a family!

Dyeing Easter eggs with Grandma Curtis

Darling easter cupcakes that a neighbor dropped off. 
Easter brunch and Easter hunt at Michael and Ambers.

Easter morning. I am so grateful to talk about the reason we celebrate Easter with my children. We discuss the last week of his life each day leading up to the day he was risen! He lives!
Girls in their cute Easter Dresses.
Celebrating Heidi one more time!

Easter dinner at my parents with cousins and Grandparents Demar and Anna

Costco trips with these two are the best! They are the best helpers!

Jon brought me home some beautiful flowers that smelt so wonderful!
Baileys dance video
Wyatt loves running errands with me because he usually will talk me into getting him a blizzard from Dairy Queen if he is good.
Sophia was excited too but the reality is she dumped her ice cream and carmel on her before we made it home.
Celbrating Kyle for his big 30!

We attended our first Pinewood derby event for Bentley in April.

Bentley had so much fun and his car did really well! Great work Dad and Bentley!

Jon turned 35 this month! He is our rock and we love celebrating him! His business is doing well and he loves serving the young men in our ward through his calling as teachers advisor. He is planning a big hike to Havasupi for them. Jon loves doing activities with the kids and he loves that his boys and girls enjoy playing and watching sports with him. Jon loves traveling and going on movie date nights.
Collin giving Jon some extra love

Celebrating that baby number five is a baby girl with some pink gelato.
It was a beautiful day so I took Wyatt and Sophia to a fun park across from the Gilbert temple.

Sophia loved feeding the ducks

Eating lunch with cousin Trey. best buddies.

Wyatt always takes his spot next to dad when Hockey is on.
Grandma and Grandpa Anderson were in town for a day so we took advantage and went to costco for lunch and out to the desert to ride razors and dirt bikes.

Wyatt and Jon at the Coyotes Hockey game.
Lucky boys got the box seats and unlimited food.
I love that Wyatt can fall asleep like this
New Hockey sticks. Blue and Orange tape for their favorite team the Oilers.
Wyatt and Bentley sanding his Pinewood Derby car.

The boys at Hockey practice.

Poor Sophia fell off the playground by our house and got a black eye.
One morning Jon and I came downstairs to sophia helping herself to breakfast and trying to microwave it. She is so independent. It is a good, but can sometimes cause messes or test my patience.

Wyatts new hair cut.

New plant for our living room!
More pictures of Bailey and her friends at the zoo.

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