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October 2016

October was a very busy month. We had just moved in when Marni and Eric, Jons parents, came for a visit. They were just here a few days before heading off to California to sky dive. Next we were so excited to welcome our first visit from cousins in Canada. The Pratt's came to visit and it was so kind of them to come all the way to Arizona to see us! We had a packed week of fun swimming, playing, visiting, and much more. The kids loved having their other cousins to play with all week for October break. We also played with my brother Chads kids, and had several visits to the park. Towards the end of October we started getting ready for the Halloween holiday and had our first Ward party with the Constellation ward. It was a blast and the kids thought they were at a carnival. There were blow up houses, a petting zoo, rides, lots of delicious food, bull riding, and more. The Sunday before Halloween we carved pumpkins with my family. It was a lot of fun and the kids were really into it this year. For the actual halloween day we headed over to my parents for their neighborhood get together and trick or treating. Bailey and Sophia were cheerleaders, Wyatt was Superman, and Bentley was a BYU football player. They all looked adorable and had a fun halloween. The kids also got to dress up at school and trick or treat there as well so they ended up with way to much fun and candy!! The house is slowly getting put together. Still nothing hanging on the walls. We have had some major problems with the builder and although we still love our house , we are not happy with the lack of detail the took while building it! In other news, the kids are all making friends in their neighborhood and school. The weather is starting to get nice even though it is still a little too hot for October in my opinion. 

 Bentley eating one of his favorite meals enchiladas
 Bailey hanging out at her cousins house Belle and Julz
 Wyatt helping dad organize the garage
 First family night in the new house. DQ dilly bars for dessert. I think Sophia approves.
 Bailey sleeping by Sophia helping her adjust to the new room
 Wyatt with his soccer buddies. Wyatt is a top scorer on The Green Machine team.
 The kids were so lucky to get to go to dinner with both Grandmas
 At one of our favorites Oregano's
 Bailey and Sophia excited to dig into the pizza
 Getting  ready for school. Sophia misses the kids while they are gone and likes to carrying around their backpacks pretending she is in school.
 In and Out Burger after watching cousin Brody's football game
 Jace and Sophia checking out their cousin Ryder
 Bailey and Bentley were so excited to wake up to cousins in town from Canada. Ginger, Aurora, Elaina, and Kira were a blast to have around.
 Visiting the Gilbert Arizona LDS temple near our home.

 This hot Arizona weather was to much for Sophia so she stripped down and ran through the splash pad.
 Costco run with the cousins to get some food to make Thanksgiving for our Canadian family.
 Lots of games were played while our cousins visited from Canada.
 Jon watching some football on the new TV. One of his favorite past times.
 The kiddos getting excited for the delicious meal Lexi and I were cooking for Canadian Thanksgiving.
 Bentley with Kira and Elaina.
 One of the days were so hot were took the Pratt's swimming. They loved it and I think all the kids could have swam all day.
 We went to see a movie also for the break
 We had to take the cousins to one of our favorite places Krazy Air
 Jon and I 
 I am so glad we got to go on a temple date night with Lexi and Kurtis
 The kids playing on the playground near our house.

 Sophia was loving having all the girls here!
 Mesa temple visitor center

 We took them to see the temple Jon and I got married in, The Mesa Arizona Temple.
 Another hot day so we decided to got to the lake and swim around.

 Wyatt with the lake shells he collected.
 Bailey and Elaina had fun collecting shells as well.
 Fun in the Sun. Back home in Canada it was snowing so this was quite the treat for the girls.

 Bentley playing his favorite game, football. He has done so well and really improved his catching skills.
 We took them to slickables in down town Mesa. Its an ice cream cookie sandwich place the kids all love.
 Posing by the art in Down town Mesa.

 Bentley at the Cardinals game. He was in Heaven.

 Wyatt also had a lot of fun cheering our team on!

Half time treats! I think Wyatt approves!
 Usually Jon just takes the boys to sporting events but I was glad I joined them on this one!
 Sophia acts like the big kids and will climb just about anything at the park.
 Wyatt has enjoyed having a park near our house to go play at!
 Bentley during football pictures with the texans.
 Daddy and Sophia hanging out at Culvers one of our new favorite places.
 The girls were cheetahs for the ward party

 At the ward party!
 Bailey on the swings
 Sophia riding the bull!
 Bailey with our good friend Jodi Huish at the Ward party. Jodi is the kindest and totally looked like the real Elsa!
 Bentley doing the donut challenge.
 Sophia was pretty happy with her Cotton Candy.
 Sophia was unsure about riding a mini pony
 Wyatt loved riding the horse.
 Bentley is a pro at the climbing wall!
 Wyatt with his preschool class at Greenfield Elementary
 A city bus came and taught them about what they do. Wyatt loved checking out the bus and getting to ride on it!

 The Texans. This boys are good, hardworking, kind, fun, and stand up little guys. I am grateful Bentley has such a wonderful group of boys to play with and awesome coaches who treat him like their own. Sadly when we moved it pretty much was our last season with this team. I know Bentley will still have fun playing but it won't be the same and we will always love this team.
 Someone from our ward brought us some delicious bread to welcome us to the neighborhood. It was so sweet of them.
  sophia and Bailey. This is after Sophia fell from the top of the bunk bed while I was at work and a babysitter was supposed to be watching her. It got so swollen and she still has a scar from a gash in her head.
 Family bike ride to a man made lake by our house to feed the ducks.
 Making cookies with Grandma Curtis is always a favorite. 
 Bailey with her beautiful Grandma Curtis. Don't mind a shirt less Sophia in the back ground.
 Doing some Saturday chores and horsing around.
 Getting out of the sun and hanging out with aunt Heidi and cousins.
 Bailey at her first birthday party with her new friends. They have all been so kind and welcoming.
 I took the kids to watch Jon play hockey. They loved seeing him play the sport he loves.
 Go #25
 Carving pumpkins with cousins. Jon multitasking at its finest.
 Sophia eating the cute monster donuts my mom made.
 The whole group of cousins out carving their pumpkins
 Sophia as a BYU cheerleader for Halloween. She was loving those pom poms

 Happy Halloween! Bentley was a BYU football player, Bailey and Sophia were BYU cheerleaders, and Wyatt in typical fashion had to be something different then Bentley and chose to be Superman.

 Our fun neighbors the Rothlisbergers were the kids first door to knock on.
 Sophia with Aunt Heidi
 Bailey with Kiani and cousin Ryder.
 Bailey with her BYU pumpkin we carved.
 Trick or Treating at Grandmas house
 The boys with their pumpkin they carved

 The end of another great Halloween.
 Trick or treating with the cousins
Sophia having fun at Vertuccio farms play land.

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